Mini-Cleansing, The New “It” Wellness Trend Instead Of Dieting

Dieting is so passé. And although being healthier is one of the main resolutions for many of us this 2017, I encourage you to dig into “Mini Cleansing” instead of dieting.

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Detoxing is so much fun when you make it part of your lifestyle instead of an “emergency” thing for an event, photo session or vacation trip!

And because I want you to win, I’ll also give you tricks you can implement next to each of my recommendations:

  • Every Monday resolve to have a “mini” cleanse day: start your day with warm water with lemon (as you should do every day anyway!). Trick: Leave a glass, water and an already sliced lemon next to your night table so that’s the first thing to see when you wake up!

  • Nutrient dense green smoothie for breakfast. Trick: Leave your smoothie prepared the night before. Save it in a mason jar in the fridge, so there’s no excuse – it saves time too!

  • Wholesome lunch full of leafy greens, healthy fats and lean protein (tempeh is awesome if you don’t eat meat, like me!). Trick: Set up an alarm to eat -hopefully- at the same time and prepare your own lunch at home on Sundays.

  • Almonds & turmeric tea for snack (bye-bye inflammation!).

  • Warm veggie soup for dinner, so you go easy on your digestive system before going to bed. Trick: Same as your smoothie, leave your soup prepared the night before in a clear container so the trigger to have the soup instead of something else, kicks in immediately.

  • Drink tons of water during the day. Trick: Carry your water jug with you at all times and use a sharpie to mark hour/drink goals on it, that will visually up your drinking game when it’s 3 o’clock already, and you have drink only until your 10 a.m. mark.

  • And if you feel like a rockstar, make some time for 15-20 mins of relaxing yoga or meditation before bed. Trick: Leave your yoga mat open next to your bed. The sole fact that you don’t have to unroll it, is an amazing trigger to motivate your practice!

You give your body a 360 detox when you combine body, mind, and soul and if you do that every Monday and implement the tricks I suggested, you will have cleansed 4 days per month and 52 days during the year -that’s almost 2 months-. Isn’t that EPIC?


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