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As the founder and creative director of Truth + Beauty, Cori Goldfarb, a self-described “beauty junkie” has created a virtual beauty playground for grown-ups. Situated in the town of Roslyn Heights on Long Island, this 5,000-square-foot medical spa has a “cool and chic” feel, which Goldfarb describes as a “one-of-a-kind, unique concept.” 

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“Until now there weren’t any spas like this where you could have everything done without feeling like you were at the doctor’s office,” she explains. “I envisioned a place that people want to go to.”

Living in Manhattan before moving to the suburbs almost 18 years ago, the future businesswoman found herself commuting back and forth to the city for all of her beauty needs.  “I was unable to find the quality and services I was used to,” says Goldfarb. As a result, the entrepreneur and mother of four decided it was high time a place close to home existed where one’s beauty needs could be met under one roof.  “I got to thinking that I’d love to do something great in Long Island where woman and men would have that one-stop shopping.”

Goldfarb realized her dream in May of 2013, when Truth + Beauty opened to offer clients more than 200 procedures, such as Botox, fillers, laser hair removal, make-up application and brow shaping, to name just a few. All procedures are performed by the most advanced and skilled cosmetic technicians in the business, along with Dr. Jennifer Levine, a board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who specializes in aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. 

Truth + Beauty also boasts a beautiful retail space that carries the “best-of-the-best products.” Everything sold is by results; all a consumer needs to know is what they’re trying to achieve, and the rest is simple. With an overabundance of information out there, the goal is to make clients’ lives easier when it comes to finding the right products, Goldfarb explains.

For new clients, a meeting with the spa’s beauty coach provides an overall skin assessment. Based on the results, a customized plan is designed in order to achieve the desired results. “Since each person is different, no two programs are exactly alike,” says Goldfarb. 

In addition to the many treatments offered, Truth + Beauty memberships are available, which Goldfarb says are a huge hit and a “great bang for your buck.” Their most popular package is the True Blue membership offering a beauty light facial (with six to choose from), an X-small laser hair removal, and an eyebrow shaping session for $150 (retail value: $285). More intensive memberships are offered, leading many clients to upgrade, she explains.

As a mother to all girls, Goldfarb strongly believes that young kids need to start a healthy beauty regime and the spa offers a teen menu. “A teenager who wants a facial shouldn’t have to pay the same amount I would,” she says. Starting at $100, the spa’s “teen package” offers the same amenities as their True Blue package.

The success of Truth + Beauty does come with some challenges, Goldfarb explains. Being away from home for long periods of time is hard. “Time spent together with my family is important,” she explains. Whether it’s breakfast in the morning or a pickup at school, this working mom makes sure her children’s needs are met. “I want to set an example for my girls, show them it’s OK to be self-sufficient.”

Goldfarb is also the owner of Truth + Jewelry, a business in which she not only sells finished pieces but reinvents older jewelry to wear as new. Servicing a private clientele for 15 years, she has scaled back a bit due to the demands of the spa.

Focusing on Family

Goldfarb’s appreciation for “the best of all things beautiful” extends to the home she shares with her husband Sandy. Married for 20 years, the couple moved to Old Westbury 18 years ago after the birth of their first daughter. Originally from New Jersey and living in NYC at the time, Goldfarb recalls her resistance to leaving the place she loved. 

“My husband wanted to live closer to his daughter from his first marriage and that’s how we came to choose the location,” she recalls. 

After moving into a center hall traditional colonial built in the ‘80s, the husband and wife team went to work redecorating their first home. With the help of a decorator they stayed true to the feel of the home – very traditional with English antiques and a neutral palette – maintaining a warm and cozy feel throughout. Goldfarb admits that her taste has changed a bit since first decorating and, if given the time, she’d love to redecorate with a more eclectic feel, mixing modern and old.

Since the couple loves to entertain, it isn’t surprising that the kitchen is Goldfarb’s favorite room in the house. When designing it, she made sure it reflected the warm feeling the rest of the house boasts. Hardwood floors, warm tones, granite countertops and fresh flowers were a must for the woman who loves to cook. 

With all that she has going on, Goldfarb still finds time to devote herself to numerous charitable organizations, such as Heather on Earth, UJA Foundation and the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, one that hits close to home since she was herself diagnosed 14 years ago. 

“Being a part of this community for many years we like to lend our hands and support and do what we can to give back.”

Happiest when she is with her family, this devoted wife, mother and entrepreneur knows the importance of looking good on the outside and feeling good on the inside. In a business where beauty is all around, the philosophy she holds both personally and professionally is one of confidence, enthusiasm, a strong sense of self-esteem and the belief that you truly deserve the finest.

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