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July 5th is National Bikini Day and what better way to celebrate it but with tips from real life beauty queen, Alyse Zwick. She’s one of BFX Studio’s elite trainers as well as Miss New York 2009 and winner of the swimsuit competition of the Miss America Pageant 2009. When she’s not teaching at BFX, Zwick is training a contestant for the swimsuit portion of Miss USA. She shared her expert advice on how all you lovely BELLA readers can look and feel your best when strutting your swimsuit stuff this summer.


Zwick shared that the best way to look your best on the beach is to prepare over time. When she trained for the Miss American pageant, she worked on it over time with HIIT classes and ballet dancing paired with a high protein and low carb diet.


Although Zwick admits that summer bodies are really made in the winter months, she offers a quick fix before you hit the beach: add in some crunches & oblique twists right before you hit the beach in your bikini! Flip over for 10 push-ups and then back over for tricep dips. If you want to add a little extra lift to your seat, lay down on your back and press your feet into the floor for a booty bridge. Do this quick routine and you will feel extra confident and lifted!


To quench your thirst on the beach, Zwick recommends avoiding drinks high in sugar and trying to get about 90 oz. of water each day. She realizes that beach days often turn into beer days and she says it’s okay as long as you drink plenty of water the following day to “flush” out your body while rehydrating. She also recommends a little coconut water as well.

So whether you’ve been training for National Bikini Day all winter long or you’re just ready to have some fun in the sun, we hope these tips will give you the confidence and motivation to maximize the summer months in your favorite swimsuit!

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