It’s still cold out and every morning it seems we have fewer options for what to wear?

I love Fashion, however, Winter Fashion, not so much.

But I’ve learned and here are 5 tips to help you look HOT, despite the cold:

1. You cannot go wrong with an over sized scarf, ladylike hat and layers of sheepskin and knit.


2. Wearing white from head-to-toe (except shoes!) is the epitome of chic. You might want to avoid children, food and pens.


3. Pastels are a must. Break away from the dark hues by giving your outfit a pop with colored stockings/leggings.


4.  Pile on blanket coats and jackets -try fringed ones. Make sure you cinch in the waist.


Photo by Dana Kruspe

5. Wear the ultimate accessory: your sunglasses.

10 Essentials_Polarized Lens Sunglasses

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