LifeLine Skin Care a Way to Always Look Like Your Best Age Is Now

Writing my recent book, Your Best Age is Now, was a true passion project for me. I can honestly say I loved every minute of it. Throughout my book, I explore the various ways women and men during their midlife can live the most optimal life: mentally, physically and spiritually. The time had come to dispel destructive myths regarding midlife and replace them with the latest scientific findings.

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During the book writing process, I immersed myself in the book’s principals. I committed myself to eating right, thinking right and paying extra special attention to my beauty regimen. If I’m going to write a book called Your Best Age is Now, I should at least try to look the part. I wouldn’t want anyone to say my best age was yesterday (LOL!).

LifeLine Skin Care Product Line

As fate would have it while exploring some interesting articles and announcements on my Twitter feed around this time, I came across an intriguing tweet I couldn’t ignore. It was a tweet by a glamorous NYC dermatologist who was talking about how excited she was to receive her Lifeline Skin Care products in the mail. Her excitement was so infectious; I decided to look into these products for myself; and looking into them, ultimately led to me buy them.

Like many women, my skin can be difficult at times. I have eczema which makes it intermittently sensitive, so I have to be careful of the products I use. While researching these products, I also looked into the science supporting them. Lifeline Skin Care products uses something I had never heard of before; they use human, non-embryotic stem cells as one of the main ingredients to help tone and repair the skin.

Since I have the type of personality that likes to go big or not do it at all, I decided to order the four core products in the Lifeline Skincare line and check them out for myself. I ordered the Refresh Polishing Gelee, the Eye Firming Complex, the Daily Defense Complex, and the Recovery Night Moisture Serum. As soon as they arrived, I used them regularly. Not only did these products feel good on my face, but I started to notice that my skin appeared brighter and less wrinkled, especially around my eyes (love that!).

Me during my teen years and the now years


My friends, family, and colleagues made complimentary comments too. They told me my skin looked “amazing” and wanted to know what I was using. The compliments, as you can imagine, were a big boost to my beauty self-esteem. I even talked about some of the responses I got in the beauty chapter of my book; like the time I got carded when trying to buy wine. As you can imagine, for a woman about to turn 50, this was a massive ego boosting experience for sure!


I was always intrigued with potions and products as a kid. My father worked as a scientist, whose specialty was chemistry as well as business. For many years he worked as the Director of Research and Development for the Mennen Company. Perhaps this is where my love of products and researching products began.


As a therapist, I not only look for products that work well and that I believe in, but also look at the philosophy of the company. Lifeline Skin Care was a socially conscious company and fit that standard.


The history and the development of these non-embryotic stem cells for the line intrigued me. The original goal for these researchers was to find a cure for Diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. The scientists in an attempt to find a cure discovered a potent human stem cell extract that improved the look of aging skin, which then led them serendipitously to create a new type of anti-aging skin care products.

These scientists created the first non-embryonic human stem cells, which are stem cells that can thrive for an indefinite period of time. This discovery made finding cures for currently incurable diseases like Parkinson’s disease, liver disease, and blindness look more promising and optimistic which was their original mission.

As for the skin, the largest and most visible human organ we have, these non-embryotic stem cells, also called human parthenogenetic stem cells, can target therapeutic tissues which can be used for research and regenerative therapies. The profits from the Lifeline Skin Care products also helps to fund and further research cures for liver disease, diseases of the eyes that are blinding, Parkinson’s as well as other diseases of the nervous system.

The Lifeline Stem Cell Skincare products focus on the non-embryonic human stem cells that extract a combination of peptides, amino acids, and enzymes to help increase collagen and elastin, which naturally decrease as one ages and thus causes us to look older as time goes on.

From a psychological perspective, the younger we look and feel, the more optimistic and hopeful we tend to be about life and future options. I like the idea of feeling young, looking forever fabulous and most of all, being healthy. After using these products, seeing their effectiveness and knowing the company’s commitment to eliminating debilitating diseases, I contacted them to see if there was any way we could work together. I wanted to collaborate with them on their mission, goals, and message.

Fortunately, Lifeline Skin Care found a way that we could all work together to help women and men look and feel their very best while the scientists from the parent company work towards eradicating illness by using their special non-embryotic stem cell technology. Beauty is more than skin-deep; beauty can be on a mission, too.

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