LeMetric Real World Hair Owner Elline Surianello, Helping Women Finding Solutions

LeMetric Real World Hair Owner Elline Surianello

LeMetric Real World Hair Salon owner, Elline Surianello

In 1992, LeMetric Real World Hair Salon owner, Elline Surianello opened the eyes of many with her candid discussion with Ladies Home Journal regarding the issues of women’s hair loss, which up until then had been a taboo topic.

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At the tender age of nine, Surianello the oldest of her three siblings, discovered that Androgenic Alopecia had laid claim to her once healthy head of hair. This was the start of a lifetime of hair challenges for her. This was also compounded with the fact that in 1984, after dealing with an extremely traumatizing experience which caused a high level of  long-term stress, she lost of 50% of her hair.  Faced with the truth of her hair condition, Surianello decided to take action against the autoimmune disorder and conditions that attempted to rob her of her beauty. She refused to allow these issues to ebb away at her resolve and fighting spirit to live a happy and well-adjusted life.

Fast forward to present day, and Surianello has now become a beacon of hope and spurned her own women’s empowerment movement, which has served as the basis behind the LeMetric Salon. LeMetric has serviced the broad spectrum of  hair challenges for women for 30+ years. Through her passion, dedication and the need to educate those living with their own hair challenges, Surianello has dedicated her life to uplifting women and finding solutions to help them radiate confidence.

Surianello shares, “Hair is a very personal part of a woman’s look. Many women who see changes in their hair, whether it be thinning, loss, texture changes, color, extreme damage etc., these women struggle with what their options actually are. The most important question is, how did their hair change? What lead to this change?  We have that tough conversation and we talk about what she is willing to do to achieve the look that she wants. Together we find a solution that works with her lifestyle. That is why both temporary as well as more permanent solutions are my specialty. I take pride in being able to offer a variety of options so we can find the perfect one for each person.”

As a Hair Crisis Expert, Surianello is extremely thorough when it comes to assessing the unique needs of each of her clients, and their varying lifestyles as no two hair challenges are alike. Whether it’s the troubled bride who loses her tresses leading up to the big day, or the working career mom struggling to manage children and a household with little to no time for herself. Surianello designs a solution that is customized to work best for her client.

“Probably the most important thing is the overall look of the hair and the message a women wants it to send”, says Surianello. “For instance, do you want a sexy look, a classic look or on trend look? Also, regarding my older clients, as one matures the hairstyle you wore at 25 is likely not the same one you will wear at 45. Not that we can’t look stylish at that age. Some of the most stylish women we know are over 40! But mature women can’t really do harsh colors or cuts because it will only make them look harsh themselves. We need to soften things up a bit for that person so the look fits.

In the end, Elline’s ever present positive outlook remains rooted in the concept of life going on. “Why we lose our hair, and why it changes is just the way it is. But what we can do is look the best we can at every stage of our life, and celebrate all that we are.”

Before and after an Elline Surianello hair makeover

Before and after an Elline Surianello hair makeover.

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