Legends Curtis + Cosby‘s New Show Hits 77 WABC Midday Airwaves

Legends Curtis + Cosby’s New Show Hits 77 WABC Midday Airwaves creating a Quite the Stir of Excitement

A Powerhouse pairing is about the hit the airwaves on 77 WABC radio in New York City.

Curtis Sliva, radio personality, quintessential New Yorker, known for being the founder of the Guardian Angels and the award-winning TV/Radio host and best-selling author Rita Cosby will now be co-hosting a dynamic new talk show called “Curtis and Cosby” making its debut on Tuesday

February 6th from 12-3 every Monday through Friday on 77 WABC radio.

Rita Cosby, who will maintain her role as WABC’s Host and Political Editor said, “I am thrilled to co-host the brand new ‘Curtis & Cosby’ Show with longtime friend, radio superstar Curtis Sliwa. With such an unprecedented barrage of endless news topics, now is the perfect time for us to join forces and engage our listeners in a way you will hear nowhere else.”

Its clear Cutis Sliwa is also beyond excited by this powerhouse pairing, when he said, “In this age of “ME TOO” she brings a female voice to our talk radio industry that has been sorely missed.”

With Curtis and Cosby’s combination of the perfect chemistry and respective veteran backgrounds, it’s no wonder 77 WABC is referring to Curtis + Cosby as their new Midday “Dream Team”.

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