Keep Your Skin Young And Glowing With Nassif MD Skincare

It’s no secret that good skin requires good care. But with so many products out there, what is the right fit for your skin? Celebrity Plastic Surgeon and skin-care expert, Dr. Paul Nassif, has created a skin care line that meets all of your needs and leaves your skin looking the best it ever has. His products range from creams that erase forehead lines to serums that keep your under eyes smooth and your neck firm. Say goodbye to strained and tired skin and hello to a healthy glowing face!

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What procedures does your practice offer?

I offer a range of surgical and non-invasive procedures to help my patients look and feel their very best. In the Nassif MedSpa we provide body shaping treatments such as coolsculpting and cellfina, as well as hydrafacials, peels and microneedling for a flawless face. As a facial plastic surgeon I specialize in facial rejuvenation procedures and rhinoplasty, as well as revision procedures.

You have created your own skincare line – what products do you sell?

Nassif MD Skincare has a wide range of products that address various skin types and needs. We have a great cleanser, day cream, and night cream, and we expanded upon those to include masks, an incredible serum containing Hyaluronic Acid, a cream that has shown to greatly reduce neck and décolleté wrinkles, eye creams to brighten your eyes and reduce wrinkles, and more. You can see the whole line on

Your skincare products were formulated to address hydration. Why is this so important?

Dehydrated skin makes wrinkles and fine lines much more pronounced, as there’s no suppleness or bounce to the skin when it’s dehydrated. You can obviously drink more water to hydrate your skin, but you can also use products that contain Hyaluronic Acid. This ingredient is able to retain water, leading to more hydrated skin.

What is your number one tip for maintaining youthful and fresh-looking skin?

Besides hydration, I always recommend a daily sunscreen. It’s hard to completely get rid of sun damage!

Check out all of Dr. Nassif’s amazing products at and find the right fit for you so you can start showing off your skin like you should! 

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