JIVAGO Fragrances


Industry innovator and pioneer Ilana Jivago founded JIVAGO, a premier luxury fragrance company, in 1994. The Beverly Hills luxury fragrance house most famous for the 24k for women, a FiFi Awards Fragrance Hall of Fame winner. Currently there are two exquisite new scents for women: “The Gift” and “Exotic Noire”.

“The Gift”, combines the smells of elegance and romance and enriches the wearer with all of life’s blessings. The fragrance is enhanced by the top notes of ylang-ylang, musk, peach and basil blended with Lily of the Valley, jasmine and rose at its heart combined with dry down notes of a cocktail of white musk, amber, and caressing vanilla. This perfume is designed to stay with you all day — an exquisite scent perfect for an exquisite individual.


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Developed to enhance the beauty and feelings of romantic nights, JIVAGO, introduces its new sexy fragrance “Exotic Noire”. This intense nighttime fragrance is very warm, full and complex. The floriental fragrance includes the exotic top notes and a secret fruit. This exquisite play leads to a mysterious and timeless scent, equally dreamy and elegant. Warm, daring and tantalizing,Exotic Noire” captures the hidden sensuality and exotic dreams.


By Alissa Zarrabi

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