By Amy Certilman

As an accessory, jewelry accents an outfit and can even tell a story. Some of us have a signature piece of jewelry that we wear everyday. Others are lucky enough to have amassed a collection over time that represents the many phases of their lives. 

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 Whether we never take it off or only wear it on special occasions, our favorite piece of jewelry has the amazing ability to take us back to a point in time and the day we got it. Was it a gift? An heirloom? Or did we treat ourselves to something special “just because”.

Certain months bring about the celebration of certain gems. This month, as we move into cooler weather, November Birthday Girls will for sure be wearing pieces with topaz they have gotten over the years that represent their various birthday celebrations.

TIP: As we bundle up, make sure to wear jewelry that will be seen amongst the mittens and scarves. Consider dangle earring or a thick cuff type bracelet. Of course a must have is a statement right-hand ring for when your gloves come off!

Amy Certilman is a personal jeweler, designer, and owner of The Perfect Setting. Her custom designs are versatile, elegant, and always reflective of their new owner. Follow Amy on twitter @TPSJewelry.

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