Ask Jessie James Decker if she’s living out the dream she imagined as a young girl and the answer she’ll give you is, “Absolutely!”

Decker is living her dream in an entirely different way than she ever imagined. “I always knew

I wanted to be a country singer and an entertainer,” she says. “I thought at this point, I would be touring stadiums and on a tour bus, and that’s all I would be doing. I never dreamed of having three children, a husband who’s in the NFL, and being an entrepreneur all before I was 30. I’m so grateful for all of it.”

With her third child on the way (it’s a boy!), and the “birth” of her second album, BELLA grabbed some time with the down-to-earth songstress to chat about motherhood, music, and how she pours her heart and soul into everything she does.

I have zero stress about this third baby; I’m ready to roll.

The birth of your third child is right around the corner; how has this pregnancy compared to your last two?

The first eight weeks I was miserable; it was some of the worst morning sickness and I had a hard time functioning. Thank God my mom was around to help me. Thankfully that went away and ever since I’ve felt amazing! Besides those eight weeks, this has probably been the best physically I have felt—my body doesn’t hurt and I am in a great mood. Maybe God works in mysterious ways, giving me that extra boost to be healthy and on my toes for my two little ones at home.

What has been one of the greatest lessons you’ve learned since becoming a mother?

To not feel guilty all of the time, because I do! I am a very selfless mother and I’m always thinking about the kids first. I overthink everything and I think one lesson I’ve learned is to try not to. What’s the point of stressing and having anxiety; just do your best.

What was the inspiration behind your newest album, “Southern Girl City Lights?”

I hadn’t put out an album in 10 years and I wanted something that reflected the place I was at in my life. I’m a southern girl who is constantly traveling to different cities, always on the move, doing all sorts of things. The title is actually the name of my sister’s blog; she gave me her blessing and it’s perfect. She’s a pretty creative person herself and it was kind of cool to use it.

You’ve been open about some of the struggles you’ve faced in the music industry. What’s kept you moving forward?

To this day, I’ve never been signed by a country label; they haven’t given me a chance. But I never gave up because I love country music. Luckily I caught the eye of L.A. Reid, not once but twice. He is one of the most iconic executives at a label. I am super grateful to him for seeing something in me and giving me an opportunity both times.

I also have a publisher named Carla here in Nashville who I’ve known since I was 17 years old; she has an eye and ear for young, female talent. Both she and L.A. were my biggest supporters and without them I don’t know if I’d be here today.

You and your husband run the Eric and Jessie Decker Foundation with your main mission to support Decker Dogs. Can you share a bit about this program?

Eric and I are both passionate about rescue dogs and growing up as a military brat, I am also passionate about our military. We were trying to figure out how to incorporate the two and were introduced to Freedom Service Dogs, a non-profit organization that rescues shelter dogs and trains them as service dogs. Once they’re specially trained, they’re paired with a veteran suffering from PTSD. We’ve also been able to provide support for the construction of a new training facility in Denver, Colorado. That was one of our main goals—to open a larger facility so the dogs would have more greenery to run around in and more space to be trained.

You recently debuted a perfume for your brand Kittenish. Was designing always in the cards?

I’ve been sketching since I was in middle school with notepads full of designs. Originally, the thought was I would design outfits to perform in and, as I got older, it expanded into creating clothes for everyday living. I am your average girl next door and I think my line portrays that.

I worked really hard this last year on the perfume. I explained all of my favorite scents, even candles I liked, to the perfume chemist I was working with in New York and he figured out the common element all of them had. I buckled down to find the perfect scent that embodied what I love and I think I found it; this is my favorite perfume.

Not long ago, I was sitting on the bathroom floor with my daughter and all of my perfumes. When I asked her which she liked the best, she picked mine. The look on her little face let me know she is proud of her mommy. I hope it makes her feel like she can do anything, because she can.

Photography: Philip Fischetti

Styling: Mindy Gura & Paula Orlan

Makeup: Jessica Payne, Cloutier REMIX

Hair: Derek Williams, Parlour 3 Beauty

Location: The Westin Nashville

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