Interview with Veteran New York City Plastic Surgeon Dr. Elie Levine


When you walk into Dr. Elie Levine’s private office, you are met with a prominent photo of his photogenic family: his wife, also a physician, and their adorable five kids. The family photo takes stage center.

Dr. Levine is one of the leading Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in New York City and his credentials are equally as impressive. Dr. Levine graduated from Columbia University (with a 4.0 index), and went on to graduate from Yale Medical School completing his training in the top 10 percent of his class.

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It was at Yale Medical School that he decided he wanted to be a surgeon. He shares his successful practice, Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC, with his wife Dr. Jody Levine, a dermatologist, who he credits for Influencing the way he thinks about his profession and specialty.

Dr. Levine admitted that some Plastic Surgeons think primarily in surgical terms and many dermatologists completely dismiss surgery.

But having a wife who’s a dermatologist, he can clearly see the wisdom and the real place for both approaches.

Dr. Levine has an honest and direct style. He uses his artistic eye and skilled surgical hands to help each patient achieve his/her cosmetic goals. He wants patients to be able to transform themselves into their most natural-looking, youthful and beautiful selves, and in return, his patients couldn’t be more pleased.

Dr. Levine says one of the keys to his success, besides loving what he does, is treating each patient as if he/she were a family member or friend.

I had the opportunity to interview Dr. Levine during a recent Talking Live segment at Star Shop Studio, where we spoke about some of the newest and best plastic surgery options to get our bodies summer ready and looking beautiful. To see the interview, click here:

Our interview continued for Bella Magazine where I had the chance to delve into the more personal side of Dr. Elie Levine and learn more about why he does what he does as well as how modern technology has influenced the direction of plastic surgery.

Dr. Robi:  What got you interested in choosing Plastic Surgery as your specialty?

Dr. Levine: I fell in love with working in the operating room from the first time I stepped into one, which was early in medical school. I then spent some time in plastic surgery and knew it was for me.  I loved the idea of performing a facelift one day and a breast augmentation the next, and then going from a rhinoplasty to a tummy tuck.

This required the ability to think creatively as each belly, each nose, each face is not the same.  I have always been a perfectionist and to be an outstanding plastic surgeon requires thinking outside-the-box and being precise with every detail.


Dr. Robi:  How has Plastic Surgery Changed over the last 20 years and how has this impact what’s available to patients?

Dr. Levine: Technology has allowed for less invasive surgery which is more dramatic, more predictable, and less painful. The integration of multiple modalities has made surgeries more complex but has allowed for better, more natural and longer lasting results.  Twenty years ago a facelift was simply a facelift.  Now it is not unusual for me to integrate fat transfer, laser resurfacing, and laser tightening in conjunction with a facelift for a better result.  Similarly, twenty years ago a breast augmentation was simply that. Now a breast augmentation can be combined with a radiofrequency skin tightening and fat transfer.


Dr. Robi:  Can you tell me more about what minimally invasive plastic surgery is?

Dr. Levine: Minimally invasive plastic surgery is a way to create long-lasting and wonderful results with limited incisions, virtually no scars, and almost no downtime.

Dr. Robi: Do you think the availability of plastic surgery changes what it means to be beautiful or pushes people to strive for a particular beauty ideal?

Dr. Levine: Not really.  The idea of what someone finds attractive is in many ways inherent and natural.  Similarly, when someone looks in the mirror, there are features that they like about themselves and they don’t like about themselves and it is inborn not learned.  While fashion has some influence and does shift our perspective a little, at the end of the day, we know what we want and what we would like to look like. Part of my job is to make people feel as beautiful on the outside as they feel on the inside.


Dr. Robi: Is plastic surgery becoming more acceptable for men now? 

Dr. Levine: Absolutely. The desire to look one’s best should be shared by men and women and we are finally seeing this happen.  It is exciting to see that many men have embraced this and take much pride in looking their best.


Dr. Robi:  What are some of the popular plastic surgery procedures for the summer?

Dr. Levine: While many people seek facial cosmetic work during the summer-face lifts, nose reshaping, eyelid lifts etc. body contouring dominates. Tummy tucks, lipo-sculpting, Brazilian butt lifts and breast contouring are some of the many procedures people seek out.


Dr. Robi: What should people look for when looking for a plastic surgeon?

Dr. Levine: There are a few things one should look out for.  One should seek out a surgeon boarded by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Once you have, you should meet with a few of them and consider using the one you feel most comfortable with.  Some people are tempted to bargain hunt and ignore red flags of some practitioners in an effort to save money.  This is one area where bargain hunting should be avoided. Use the doctor who you feel best understands your needs and your goals.


Dr. Robi: How can people find you and your practice? 

Dr. Levine: Plastic Surgery & Dermatology of NYC is located at 35A East 84th Street on the Upper East Side of New York City. You can always give us a call at (212) 988-1800 or visit our website at and can be followed on social media at …@Plasticsurgerydermatologynyc

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