GET READY because pops of color are making a comeback into your makeup bag this fall and winter. Fresh from the runway we saw yellow eyeshadow, green lips, orange eyeliner, and beyond from brands such as Max Mara, Salvatore Ferragamo, Anna Kiki, Tibi, Noon by Noor, Dennis Basso, and the list goes on.

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THE KEY HERE? There’s no need for much more makeup. For example: Tip your toe in the pool with a small touch of color by your lash line but make it bold, and then finish off with one coat of mascara, very little foundation, a touch of bronzer, and a barely-there satin lip.


• Pair your color with a naked face. That even means using a nude blush. • Be bold in your color selection— think primary colors, even neon.

• Stick to matte shades. This trend works best when your pop of color is a matte finish.


• Settle for the expected placement—it’s not just about bright pink lips. Step out of the box and try a green or lilac on the lips…maybe even a pinky purple eyeshadow on the eyes blended into the temples.

• Use more than one color—the idea is one color per look.

• Get confused with a monochromatic look. Monochromatic looks place the same shade of the eyes, lips, cheeks, where this trend uses one shade in one spot.

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