Creating a summer work wardrobe can be challenging, especially if the weather is unpredictable.  It can be difficult knowing what to wear.  And then there’s the transition from city heat to ice-cold air con to negotiate.  We suggest pulling together a few basics to carry you through the warmer months.  

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Dresses are your friend during summer.  They are so easy to wear and are an outfit in themselves.  Maxi dresses, in particular, are so versatile.  And you can wear them without worrying about baring too much skin.  Flowing dresses will allow air to circulate and will keep you cool in the heat of the afternoon.  Ensure you have a few of these in your wardrobe.  Opt for different patterns and styles.  Save money with special offers like a Nordstrom coupon.  There are lots of promotions to be found at this time of year.



Strappy tops are great and will keep you feeling cool.  But if you prefer to show less skin in the office, opt for short sleeved t-shirts and shirts.  They can be worn with pants or a skirt as part of a suit combo.  Choose cotton and natural fabrics to help keep the heat at bay.  



Depending on your office dress code, skirts get shorter during the summer.  If you’re not comfortable wearing a mini skirt, go for on-the-knee instead.  This is a little more demure.  If you prefer something with a little more coverage, choose a pencil skirt or something a little looser.  You can get away with additional colors and patterns at this time of year.  So make the most of the additional choices.



Light trousers in cotton or a cotton blend will make you feel cooler.  Linen also works well, but it creases so easily.  For optimum comfort go for loose drawstring pants.  Short, capri pants also come into their own at this time of year.  


Cardigans And Jackets

Cardigans and jackets make useful layers.  Take one with you in case you feel chilly.  It may be boiling hot on your way to work.  But once you hit the air con, you will be glad of an extra layer.  

Macs and light trench coats are also useful for summer rain showers.  



Keep shoes as comfortable as possible.  Your feet sweat more in the summer, which can cause rubbing and blisters.  Invest in a few pairs of summer shoes that are both comfortable and stylish. Keep up with your pedicures to make the most of sandals and flip flops.


Work Bags

Keep work bags light.  Avoid heavy shoulder bags and backpacks.  They will act as an extra layer and make you feel hotter.  Make the most of paler colors and ditch your staple black and navy totes.  



Keep accessories simple.  Too many can act like additional layers and make you feel hot and sticky. Silk scarves are always a good staple.  They can dress up an outfit and provide extra protection against the sun.  

The key to summer work wear is to combine style and comfort.  Choose garments that will make you feel cooler, especially during the hottest months.  And don’t be afraid to experiment with color and pattern.

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