How To Make Life Decisions That’ll Take You Forward


Humans aren’t supposed to stay sat in one place for too long. We’re supposed to be on the move, pushing forward, doing new things. We see this in the overall arch of humanity, which has moved from caves to tribes to outer space, but when it comes down to an individual level, things get a little murkier. We all want to move forward, but it’s not always clear how. Do we take option A, B, C, or D? How do we make the life decisions that’ll take us forward? When it feels like a misstep will be punished, we can become paralyzed by fear. We take a look at a few tried and tested methods below.

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It’s In Your Hands

The first to remember is that it’s all in your hands. It’s easy to get swept away by trends, what other people are doing, those ideas about what you think you should be doing, and so on. But when it comes to making decisions, it’s best to ignore all of these distracting factors. Bring it back to the most basic questions: what is it you want, where do you want to go? While your decision may ultimately impact other people, it’s fundamentally in your hands. Trust yourself to make the right decision.


What Do Your Instinct Say?

Some people are dismissive of ‘instinct,’ but it’s one of the best tools you have you in your arsenal. Without getting too philosophical, it’s worth remembering that there’s every chance that life has no inherent meaning — there is no “right” way to go. So if the information that would lead to the best decision either doesn’t exist, or is just a worthless as everything else, why not trust what feels right inside? Unless you’ve got a track record of terrible judgement, it’s unlikely to steer you too far off path.  


In the Stars

There’s much more magic in the universe that we currently perceive. We often think of the human mind as the place to look for all the answers, but what if there’s better, more informed answers out elsewhere? Take the stars, for example. There’s a reason why people choose to read their horoscope every day — it can be a fantastic tool for bringing clarity to their life and making decisions. It provides a take on the situation that is different from what you’ll receive from other people, conventional sources, and so on. Astrology has been used by people for thousands of years, give it a shot next time you’re trying to find the next path to take.


Flipping Coins

We live in hectic times. Things build up, up, up, and then, when it comes to looking inward and making a decision, all we see is the mania of modern life. It can be difficult to figure out what you really want. But here’s the thing — in nearly all cases, we actually already have a pretty strong sense of what we want. It’s just that the answer lies just below the surface. Thankfully, there’s a handy trick to find out which is the right way to go. You flip a coin! We don’t mean in the traditional sense, in which you say ‘heads this, tales that’ and follow fate. Answer one answer to each, then flip the coin. When the coin is in mid-air, pay attention to what you hope the answer will be. You’ll find that you’re naturally drawn one way. Simple!


In Five Years Time

One problem with making life decisions that are going to well, change your life, is that we tend to think too much about what’s right in front of us. We get too bogged down in the details of our present life, all the things we’ll change, the risks, and so on. Once you go down this path, you’ll be pushed into staying where you are — that’s not to say that it would be the wrong decision, but you’ll have been lead there for biased reasons. Instead, look at it from a larger perspective. Think about your life in five years time. What do you want it to look like? What would you be happy with? It’s the leap of imagination needed to make big decisions. You might ultimately decide that whatever you’re doing now is the right thing, and that no changes are necessary, which also serve as a way to encourage you to carry on doing your thing.

Learning From the Past

Unless this is your very first big decision (which, unless you’re very young, is unlikely), then you’ll have previous decisions to look back on that’ll help you. Have there been times when you made a mistake, say by staying in unhappy circumstances? Were you too cavalier at other times? Reflecting on these decisions — and the thought processes that lead to them — will help you in the future.


Removing the Stress

As we mentioned earlier, there is plenty of madness in modern life — we’re all just on the hamster wheel, and it’s getting faster and faster. A good idea when it comes to making decisions, therefore, is to slow things down — if you see things more clearly, you’ll be less likely to take a wrong turn. Meditation is a mightily effective tool when it comes to slowing things down and making sense of your thought processes. Anyone can do it, it’s easy enough to do — and indeed, you only need fifteen minutes of practice to reap the benefits.


Talk it Out

There’s only so far you can get when you’re just thinking things over, again and again. Thoughts become confused, you get lead down paths you hadn’t expected, and so on. That’s why it’s important to have a friend or family member with whom you can talk things out. Everything will become much clearer when you’re trying to explain the thought process to another person — you’ll be able to discern the sensible ideas from the ridiculous ones. Plus, they might just have some valuable advice that helps you make a decision that changes your life for the better.


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