How to Make Friends (In A New City)


Dating is hard enough these days. We go from bad tinder dates to ghosting and whatever new words we come up with for things that make dating as a millennial a hard task to navigate. But have you ever found yourself in a place where you needed to make new friends? This big crazy city can get quite lonely without your favorite gal pals to explore it with.

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But let me tell you… finding quality friends makes dating look easy! Between work and other daily tasks we may not have the time to join a book club or spinning class. And what if the only girls at the gym spend their time taking selfies and scrolling through Instagram without looking up once? Going to a bar or getting coffee alone will get you into awkward conversations with people who feel bad for you, at best.

I’m not the biggest fan of dating apps (although they do manage to entertain you after escaping from that awkward café conversation). BUT if you’re stuck in the same situation as me, listen up: you might have heard of Bumble’s BFF feature that connects you with likeminded people looking for friends. And I have good news — it works! Turns out girl dates are not only much easier to set up, but most likely also more successful. No pressure to fit into your date’s criteria and at the same time try not to make a fool of yourself. If you can look past the fact that you met your potential new bestie through an app, don’t wait any longer and GET OUT THERE. You’d be surprised how many people are going through the exact same thing and just want some cool peeps to hang out with, especially in a city like New York. Now go find your partner in crime and get to exploring!

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