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As a motivational speaker and talk show host for the holistic channel Z Living’s “Naturally Living” and for QVC, Nitika Chopra exudes a happiness that’s contagious. Her effervescent spirit comes from overcoming 16 years of the debilitating and painful skin condition, psoriasis. Chopra shared her personal journey to a career as a wellness entrepreneur/motivational lifestyle guru/certified life coach as well as some helpful strategies for achieving center in your life this autumn.

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An “A-Ha Moment” at the Bottom of Her Closet

Chopra was only 12 years old and ready to give up. Her painful skin condition, combined with bullying and poor grades, left her crying and praying on her closet floor. It was then that she experienced an “a ha moment” – she could either see her skin condition as a punishment or as something bigger and not a reflection of her as a person. She opted for the positive perspective. This allowed Chopra to triumph over the pain and turn her discoveries into a career helping others.

Happiness Is a Choice, and Confidence is Key

Chopra believes we need to make a choice to stay happy and not give in to our suffering. Additionally, lacking confidence is what she sees as the worst culprit for holding us back. “Any time I’ve held myself back it’s because I saw myself as this little girl who got bullied and not [as] my true self.” To build confidence and achieve your dreams, it is all about practicing daily self-love and staying centered, she says.

Take a “Bookends Approach”

Chopra sees autumn as the perfect time to get centered after luxuriating in the relaxing days of summer. She recommends the following rituals and routines for the morning and evening bookends of your day.

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Bookend #1= Morning:

1) Find a song that relaxes you. Chopra’s go-to song is “I Am Light” by India Arie. “It makes me feel like my cells are taking a deep, centering breath.”

2) Take five minutes to clean up your surroundings – “it will make you feel less internally cluttered.”

3) Apply essential oils. She suggests frankincense and Lemon as immediate mood boosters, or rose and sandalwood if you are feeling vulnerable or anxious.

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Bookend #2=Evening:

1) Turn it all off. Chopra explains that when you have 10-15 percent energy left you should turn off all electronics and lights to subconsciously signal that it’s time to wind down.

2) Focus on your skin. You get more inwardly focused when you take some time applying your favorites creams, she says. 

 Nitika is so passionate about skincare that she recently teamed up with the creators of BiossanceThe Revitalizer, a product that replenishes the skin by using one of the natural moisturizers already present in the human body. She also participated in The Embodied Project, which helps women live life to the fullest and nurture their health in mind, body, and spirit while elevating the beauty of their skin.

3) Make a “thankful” list. Keep a journal every evening that solely focuses on your inner workings, she advises,  and “freewrite to get out any stresses, disappointments, or pent-up emotional energy.” Then, make a list of three to five things for which you are incredibly thankful. You will wake up feeling centered.

Tidbit: For more inspirational wisdom, check out Nitika Chopra’s website: NitikaChopra.com where you can also look out for her upcoming events.

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