How To Bring The Spa Experience Home


A trip to the spa is the ultimate pampering experience – good for your mind, body and soul. There’s nothing more restorative than a day spent dedicated to sensory enjoyment, a break away from the stresses of the world. A bit of pure pampering is just what the doctor ordered to return you slowly back to yourself. However, there are certainly times when spending a day at a luxury spa just isn’t achievable. It could be that your schedule is packed and you can’t spare the time for a day out. It could be that you’re trying to save money, and can’t justify the expense. Either way, a little of the pampering experience is still possible. You can create a relaxing experience inspired by the spa at home with a little preparation. So the next time that you find yourself with a day to yourself, create the spa environment at home and enjoy laying back and recharging your batteries… No phones or tablets allowed!

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Buy In Some Towels

What’s the first thing you notice when you in go to a spa? The abundance of fluffy white towels anywhere! So not only will loading up on Egyptian cotton towels give your home that instant spa vibe, but they are really useful for giving yourself at home treatments as well. Soak your towels in hot water topped with a little of your essential oil of choice – try lavender to relax, bergamot or geranium to uplift – wring them out until damp and then use them to cleanse your face, wipe off excess product like face masks, and create a soothing warm compress for your forehead. As you breathe in, you’ll be getting all the benefits of an aromatherapy treatment, plus de-stressing and keeping skin clean.


Create A Sensory Experience

Why are health spas so deeply relaxing? Well, a large part of the reason is that they have designed an experience to engage each of your five senses simultaneously, creating an immersive environment. The good news is, you can easily recreate this at home too. Consider how to cater to each one, by incorporating elements which appeal to sight, touch, smell, taste and hearing. You could download a relaxation playlist on Spotify to create a calming vibe, light some beautiful flickering natural beeswax candles, use an essential oil diffuser, and pop on a snuggly dressing gown and slippers, and you’ll soon be feeling like you’re in the spa. These little touches are what will elevate your pamper day from routine chore to indulgent treat.


Try Some Cocktailing

Cocktailing in this context doesn’t mean grabbing a margarita (although if that makes your spa day complete, then go ahead!), instead it refers to combine several different treatments or formulas to get a custom result. You can try this concept when running yourself a bath. Try adding some scented Epsom salts to detox skin and relax muscles, a dash of scented oil to engage the sense and soften skin, and top it off with a capful of your favourite bubbles as well. You can also try mask cocktailing for your face – try a purifying clay mask on your oilier t-zone paired with a hydrating cream formulation on your cheeks, and a pair of collagen Hydrogel patches for the delicate area under your eyes. The best part about this approach is that you can completely customise what you use to make sure you address all of your concerns.


Use Natural Formulations

These days, we are becoming much more aware of the quality and provenance of what we put on our bodies, and the availability of natural and organic products to address every beauty concern has never been better. Many professional spas rely on high quality naturally derived products that leave their clients looking and feeling great, and this is something it’s also easy to do at home. Visit Gold Mountain Beauty to stock up on natural, effective products, such as activated charcoal to brighten your smile, and cold-pressed organic oils to smooth and nourish skin.


Get Your Glow On With Homemade Formulas

Natural can also mean homemade, and the contents of your kitchen cupboard can easily be put to work to get your skin glowing. Try making a DIY body scrub with used coffee grounds or sugar mixed with a little coconut oil and a few more drops of essential oil. Face masks can also be made easily – honey is soothing, turmeric is anti-inflammatory, crushed aspirin can help your skin to glow, and avocado is nourishing. Using raw beaten egg on your hair is a conditioning protein treatment that can make it super silky – you just have to remember to wash it out with cooler water, or risk it cooking in your hair! Experimenting with making natural DIY face masks is huge fun, and they can also be extremely effective.


Get Dry Brushing

A lot of professional skin treatments start with dry body brushing which softens skin, revs up your circulation, gets you glowing and helps the absorption of other products you may choose to apply. Best of all, it’s a really easy treatment to do at home. Before getting into the shower or bath, grab your body brush and start to brush your skin in short, circular motions moving up your body, towards the direction of your heart. Follow up with a dollop of hydrating body lotion after your bath or shower, and your skin will feel like velvet.


Finish Off With A Cold Blast

After your nice, steamy bath, shock your circulation into getting going by stepping into a cold shower for a quick blast of cool water. Switching from hot to cold quickly is really good for toning the skin, improves blood flow and can close your pores and cuticles, making skin more flawless and hair shinier. It’s like at at-home version of a spa plunge pool. Just always remember to end your session with a three minute spray of neutral temperature water to return your body temperature back to normal.


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