Making a donation to charity is no longer just a tax incentive. There’s no denying that giving to your favorite organization in support of a cause close to your heart feels good!

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Make an impact on your life by helping these philanthropic efforts grow even deeper roots – so they can do more to help others:

Andrew Grant

Andrew Grant | Rover Works

Rover Works was born out of a great desire: to raise funding for shelters so more animals would be adopted and fewer euthanized. Andrew Grant’s book collection, entitled “Rover Dog,” captures beautiful canines of all shapes and colors, highlighting the personality and vitality of each breed. When “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” featured Rover Dog, it became clear that pet lovers wanted to get more involved in the program as they helped generate donations exceeding $1 million dollars to 25+ organizations across the country.


Gudrun & Gudrun | Women Empowerment in the Middle East and South America

The notable Faroese knitwear brand Gudrun & Gudrun has traveled the world. On its journey, they discovered there were thousands of women hindered under a gender bias and lack of viable financial opportunities. That’s when the powers-that-be at the hand-knit fashion brand began hiring Jordanian and Faroese women. Since the initiative started in 2002, Gudrun & Gudrun has upheld its philosophy of making clothes that live up to the standards of conscious customers who care not only about style, but also about each other, the environment, and our natural resources.


Wincey Terry-Bryant | NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking

Wincey Terry-Bryant is an international, inspirational neo-soul artist and the founder of “Traffic Jam,” an annual event held to raise funds for the NJ Coalition of Human Trafficking (NJCHT). NJCHT’s mission is to end human trafficking on state, national, and global levels through education, advocacy, and assistance to survivors. The organization serves as the hub of community efforts to increase visibility of NJ’s commitment to end human trafficking.


Marc Anthony and Henry Cárdenas | Maestro Cares

International pop superstar Marc Anthony, alongside entrepreneur Henry Cárdenas, announced the creation of the Maestro Cares Foundation (MCF) in January of 2012. MCF is a non-profit organization established to benefit homeless and neglected children in developing Latin American countries. Its mission is to also create healthy and safe environments for these children, while supporting their academic needs. The Maestro Cares Foundation firmly believes that education brings children closer to their dreams.


Chris and Timothy Kenny | The Preservation Earth Project

The Preservation Earth Project (PEP) provides alternative energy capability in emergency and distressed situations on a micro-project basis. The organization is currently continuing its efforts in Haiti after the devastating 2010 earthquake left the country considerably disadvantaged in infrastructure. The group’s initiative to introduce sustainable energy is not only an affordable solution to Haiti’s current needs, it’s also sustainable, scalable, and long-term.

Just this past February, the PEP team took part in the installation of solar panels and electronics at the educational/medical facility, Complexe Educatif Men Nan Men. This campus provides an expanding educational curriculum that includes a vocational school and language institute.

“We are taking basic technology and making daily life activities like listening to music or the news on the radio possible. In distressed situations, large infrastructure projects are essential,” says Chris Kenny, CEO of The Preservation Earth Project.

While often connecting with Haitian organizations such as The Foundation for Peace, PEP focuses on two neglected yet critical areas, per Kenny: the “forgotten” smaller efforts that aid local communities, and the ongoing work that continues after emergency work has been accomplished. “Haiti progresses slowly, but progresses nonetheless. Our model is an effective means for local communities to revive.”

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