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Hotel Hugo Celebrates April’s National Card & Letter Writing Month

| April 2, 2015 | Reply

For the month of April, Hotel Hugo has partnered with etiquette expert Mister Manners (a.k.a.Thomas P. Farley) to celebrate National Card and Letter Writing Month. To honor the art of letter writing, Hotel Hugo will is gifting two pieces of letterpress stationary to all guests that stay with the hotel during the month of April. Each set of notecards will come with 6 TIPS on letter writing etiquette from manners expert Thomas P. Farley. The Hotel Hugo concierge will take care of the postage and mailing of the letters on each guest’s behalf. 

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 Although it’s tough in the digital age we live in, a handwritten note makes a message much more special and Hotel Hugo hopes that each guest takes the time in April to send a hand written note, to someone they care for.

When was the last time you hand-wrote a message to someone you love? If you’re like most, it’s been a long while (if ever). In our era, email has endangered eloquence; emojis have enfeebled expression. And yet, if you believe the hand-written note has outlived its usefulness, I urge you to reconsider. In a time marked by Tweets and texts, #TBTs and TTYLs, there is no better way to convey sentiments that will endure than by putting them down on paper. 

With this in mind, and just in time for National Card and Letter Writing Month, I’m pleased to be partnering with the Hotel Hugo on a campaign to promote the penning of truly meaningful messages. In this box, you’ll find a note card for inscribing sentiments to someone special. Don’t worry if you’re feeling out of practice…also included here are my top tips for creating a keepsake that’s cherished…for all the “write reasons,” of course.

Yours very truly, Mister Manners,

Thomas P. Farley


1. Penmanship counts. (And so does your pen.) In fact, the two can be closely linked. Find the implement that allows you to write as neatly as possible. Too inky and you’ll get blots. Too greasy and you’ll leave smudges. With a porous card stock, a fountain pen can be very elegant, though a felt-tip pen may provide cleaner results. Skip the ballpoint entirely, and if your handwriting is just a shade above legible, consider printed- rather than cursive lettering.

2. Blue is not the new black. Ink the color of ebony is the appropriate choice for a formal note card. Eschew the blue and whatever you do, avoid red at all costs.

3. Be a dear. Date the card in the upper-right and start off with a salutation; invariably this will be “Dear” or “Dearest”…you’ll have more options when it comes to the complimentary close. (See below.)

4. Get your messaging down. Consider composing your note on a computer first and transcribing it to the note card second. This allows you to find the most appropriate wording without ruining precious paper in the process. You can also run a spell-check before transcribing, thus avoiding unsightly cross-outs. Make your message matter by being as descriptive and expressive as possible.

5. In closing. Select a complimentary close that suits your relationship with the recipient. This is also your chance to show more flourish. Some suggestions: Affectionately; Thinking of You; Love Always; Your Friend Forever; Devotedly; Gratefully Yours; With Deepest Thanks. And don’t forget to sign the card…first-name only unless the recipient won’t know you from your given name alone. 

6. Stamp of individuality. Place the card in the envelope right-side up, with the front facing the flap. Hand-addressing is a must—in the same ink you used for the note. Skip the ubiquitous USPS flag stamps. Instead, enhance the theme of your card with a stamp appropriate to the message you’ve written. Don’t forget to include your return address, which—if you’ve played your card right—will spur and facilitate an equally treasured reply. 

For more insights on matters of contemporary etiquette, follow Thomas P. Farley on Twitter & Instagram @MisterManners and visit him online at 

If you’re feeling nostalgic for pixels after this old-school experience, please share your thoughts and photos on social media using the hashtag #hugonote.

Hotel Hugo. 525 Greenwich Street. New York City

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