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High Voltage: Jackie Miranne on Media, Fashion, Style and Advice for the Concrete Catwalk

| October 2, 2014 | Reply


For media personality and style expert Jackie Miranne, years of modeling coveted high-end designs have enabled her to translate and deliver her style knowledge and fashion expertise to the masses. Whether it’s via digital or TV, Miranne is bringing luxe looks to the metropolitan professional woman one channel at a time. 

This multi-faceted and talented, fashion Renaissance woman sat down with BELLA with the same effortless grace she’s showcased throughout her career. Read on for her insights on fashion, the meaning of style, and the advice you need to make it all work.

Having started your career as a model appearing in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Allure and Elle, and for designers like Patricia Field, Valentino and Missoni, you have spread your wings to showcase your styling expertise and hosting capabilities. What is one thing you learned during that time spent modeling for those marquis designers that is still applicable now that your career has grown such new and exciting endeavors?
Trust your instincts. I’ve found that when it comes to fashion and style, everyone has their own opinion. It’s what keeps the style world spinning, but at the same time it constantly tests you. It has been a journey for me to figure out how to stand out in such a diverse environment and I’ve learned that the best success comes when I stand confident in myself, my style and my choices. Not everyone may take to it, but I’ve come to accept what I can’t control and do my best with the elements I can control!

On that note, how would you define your style, and what advice would you give to those trying to find their own?
Style is what you make of it. It is the lifestyle you choose to live. It is how you put together your wardrobe and how you carry the clothes you have. Each individual sets his or her own style bar! The great news is that means that any person can find her own great style at any age, size or budget. Like any other road to success, your style is a reflection of how much time and effort you put into it! Shopping a bargain or styling even the most effortless of looks takes some effort to achieve success.

What is one must-have accessory for fall?
Fall is all about knee-high boots, statement bags and blanket coats, oh my! I say pick the accessory statement you want to speak the loudest and take it up a notch – whether it’s a snakeskin knee-high boot inspired by Gucci, a fur scarf or an opulent clutch or exotic satchel like I spied at Christian Siriano’s show. Go for it!

Let us in on one fall beauty secret.

I L-o-v-e lashes with a capital “L”! They are my favorite beauty secret when I appear on TV or the red carpet, and they happen to be a huge trend coming out of the fall runways! My trick to successfully applying them at home is to cut a strip of lashes in half and apply it to the outer half of your eye! You get double the use out of one set that way, and it’s easier to maneuver compared to a whole strip or those tricky individual lashes!

You’re a successful TV host, stylist, model, blogger and media personality who calls New York home. Where do you go to unwind after a long day?
I have to say, I love my apartment! I gave up a bedroom for a terrace and haven’t looked back. I feel a sense of accomplishment in carving my own stylish haven out of around 400 square feet! It’s a small space but it has my heart and style in it. I feel at ease when I’m home. That’s an amazing feat for New Yorkers!

Shopping soothes the weary soul. What is your go-to source for new fashions or accessories?
I love the runways, but I’m a bargainista! And I’ve become online-shopping obsessed! I even shopped online for my bridesmaid dress for my sister’s summer wedding in Napa Valley. I live on the Zara app! H&M, Topshop and ASOS are some of my other favorites. Today, the best shopping around the world is literally under our thumb!

As the host of “Afterbuzz TV,” a live web series started by the fab Maria Menounos, as well as a regular on VH1, are there things about working within the digital medium that you prefer to TV, and are there things about TV that you prefer to digital?
I love the freedom that comes with working in the digital space! I am so thankful for my work at “AfterBuzz TV” because I was able to take a hands-on, individual approach to all of my content. It allowed me to sharpen my hosting skills, attend red carpet events and take on responsibility that I may not necessarily have had starting out in the TV world! Now being part of the VH1 network I’ve been able to share my sense of style on a whole new platform, alongside A-list celebrities and top-tier fashion brands. I’m realizing that the hybrid of both worlds is the perfect recipe to bring fashion to life on the broadest scale.

What current or upcoming projects are you most excited about?
Fashion Fridays on VH1 are a blast! Not only do I recap celebrity fashion but sometimes there’s a makeover or a fashion show mixed in. Plus, I get to hear “VH1 Big Morning Buzz Live” host Nick Lachey sing live every week. Hello … the boy band fan in me never ceases to be amazed!

What advice would you give to those trying to forge their own path in the fast paced and often chaotic world of fashion and styling?
Act! I believe the only opportunities wasted are the ones we don’t act on! I try my best to attend any event or tackle any job that comes my way if it may help me achieve my goals. You may not see an immediate reward, but I do believe every action causes a reaction!

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