Snacking on the go can present quite the conundrum. You want to eat healthy, but so many times you snag a bag of chips or a soda on the way out the door. No bueno. Thanks to our friends at the Healthy Brands Showcase, as well as various other companies, we’ve learned that there’s no need to sacrifice health for time. Read about some of our favorites!

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I Heart Keenwah makes it easy to satisfy your Cheetos craving without all of the fat and artificial flavoring. The company, which is focused on bringing healthy snacks to the market, recently introduced new Quinoa Puffs. The new snack is a great alternative to other cheese puffs you find in the grocery stores, and they come in many flavors, including aged cheddar, sea salt truffle, sweet chili and herbes de Provence. Just like their flagship product, Quinoa Clusters (we love the chocolate sea salt!), the puffs are all natural, gluten free and non-GMO Project verified. Grab a bag!


Whether you’re a fitness buff or not, Vega is a wonderful plant-based protein company that offers both powder and bar products. We can attest to the fact that their protein powder makes some delish smoothies! Clocking in at only 130 calories per serving, their protein powder essentials packs in 20 grams of protein, 1 gram of Omega-3, 16% DV fiber, 25% DV food-based vitamins and minerals, and 3 servings of greens! Talk about healthy. Plus, it’s made with no sugar, dairy, gluten or soy, so everyone can enjoy it.


If you are a sucker for chips, we’ve got the solution. Simply 7 Snacks makes mouthwatering products, including quinoa, hummus and lentil chips. While we’ve tried some other brands featuring lentil chips before, they didn’t really satisfy the craving that a greasy potato chip does. These do. Full of flavor and crunch, these chips are off the charts good. We particularly loved the quinoa chips, which come in an array of flavors, including sea salt, barbeque, cheddar, sour cream and onion, and salt and vinegar. Both the hummus and lentil chips come in a variety of flavors, as well. Oh, and did we mention that all of their products are kosher, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, non-GMO Project verified and contain no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors and contain zero trans fat? Yea, start running to get these.


Ever heard about chewable juices? Neither had we…until we learned about Harvest Soul Inc.‘s new product, which is a dense combination of fruits and veggies, mixed with chewable seeds, nuts and berries. Since chewing allows for better nutrient absorption, the combination of both chewing and drinking will help to aid digestion. It may sound strange, and it’s definitely interesting to get used to, but once you do, it’s quite enjoyable. Additionally, they come in an array of flavors, including Green Fusion, Tropical Fusion, Berry Banana Fusion and Veggie Beet Fusion.


Chia seeds are the hot health fad right now, which is great for The Chia Co! They recently introduced two new products — Chia Pods and Chia Shots. Chia pods can best be described as a mix between a jello and a pudding, with chia seeds mixed in. Conveniently packaged in portable cups with their own spoon, the pods contain a full serving of chia seeds, along with coconut or almond milk, and come in flavors like dark cacao, vanilla bean, banana, mango and more. The chia shots are also a great on-the-go snacking option, allowing you to simply sprinkle the shots onto your cereal, salads, smoothies and more. What’s so great about these popular chia seeds is that they are packed with health, containing omega-3, dietary fiber, protein and antioxidants.


For those who can’t particularly get behind coconut water or protein shakes, there’s a brand you should probably take some time to get to know. Coco Libre Coconut Water provides consumers with a great way to dip your toes in the water. Not only do they have your typical coconut water, full of electrolytes, but they also have coconut water with pineapple, giving it some extra flavor. Additionally, they have coconut water protein shakes, which are so delicious, and combine the benefits of a protein shake with the benefits of water. They contain 20 grams of protein and come in flavors like chocolate, vanilla, coffee and almond.


The Lancaster Food Co. makes organic sandwich bread, sunflower seed butter, and maple syrup. The company uses ingredients from local organic farmers and also gives back to the community, giving jobs to those who might otherwise have trouble finding one. Their breads are so soft and flavorful and come in white, sprouted multigrain, whole wheat and rye, while their sunflower seed butter also comes in different varieties (original, sea salt and maple syrup). All of their products, when combined together, make for a delicious and healthy snack!

Last but not least, we were impressed by Yuve, a superfood packed vegan nutritional shake, contains 25 superfoods, chia seeds, 16 grams of protein and is only 155 calories. For something with so many ingredients, ranging from goji berries and kale to brown rice protein and spinach, you might not think it would taste very good. However, it’s chocolatey and tasty! Whether you’re on the go or looking for a quick snack between meals, this is a great way to get a boost of nutrition throughout the day.


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