How To Have a Healthier (and More Delicious) Morning

No matter what, autumn always feels like the perfect time to make some healthy lifestyle changes. We all know that sleep is essential, but what you consume in the morning can have a powerful impact on your overall mind and body health. Here’s a list of some more mindful and nutritious ways to kick-start your day.

Not Your Childhood Cereal, but Just as Yummy

If you loved Cinnamon Toast Crunch back in the day, meet the healthier version: Erewhon Cinnamon Crispy Brown Rice. Satisfy your early morning sweet tooth with this crisped brown rice cereal flavored with a touch of sweet cinnamon with only 2 grams of sugar.

Drink Your Protein

If you’re like us, you’ve been searching for a healthy protein drink that actually tastes good. That’s why we were so excited when we discovered EVOLVE protein shakes. With 30 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber, each drink (depending on the flavor) has only 10-11 clean and non-GMO ingredients and is free of dairy, soy, gluten, and artificial flavors.


Skip the Juice or Coffee Shop Line

BluePrint, known for the popular cold-press juice-cleanse packs, has some delicious alternatives to rushing out the door to pick up a green juice or coffee. Try their new Daily Apple Cider Vinegar Tonics in Turmeric Tonic or Ginger Maple. 

Breakfast Bowls Delivered Straight to Your Doorstep

Do you have breakfast bowl envy when you scroll through Instagram? We have a solution for you: Daily Harvest. This brand delivers delicious, super food smoothies and bowls straight to your freezer. We love their Overnight Oats, which you soak in milk or water the night before so that you have a scrumptious morning meal. Choose from exciting combinations like Mulberry and Dragonfruit, Pumpkin and Chai, or Cinnamon Protein and Banana.

A Bar That Packs Protein and Taste

Muscle Milk‘s newest protein bars come in 12 tasty flavors, inspired by artisanal ice cream flavors and mix-ins, all with 190 fewer calories and 15-20 grams of protein to meet active lifestyle demands. Our favorite is Birthday Cake!

Good for You Even on the Go

We can’t always guarantee we can enjoy a leisurely breakfast in the morning. That’s why we’re big fans of Lifeway Kefir Cups. They are tart, tangy, and delicious with the thick, creamy texture of Greek yogurt, but with twice the probiotics and packed with protein and calcium. We love them all, including Strawberry Rosehip and Blueberry Lavender. Check out the website for delicious recipes you can make with Kefir.

A Better Way to Bread

If you can’t go without carbs in the morning, KNOW Foods is your new best friend. Everything they make is natural, non-GMO, grain- and gluten-free, and tastes delicious. Additionally, all their products are wheat-, soy-, dairy-, and preservative-free without any added sugar or trans fats. Try the KNOW Better Waffles (chocolate chip or classic), made with all super foods (coconut, almonds, egg whites, flaxseed, and chia seed). We also love the KNOW Better Pancakes and Muffins.

BONUS: Change Up Your Morning Rituals

Sunday Forever is the perfect brand for stepping up your wake-up game. Throw on the elegant Cooper Kimono and automatically feel g

lamorous when starting off your day. We also love their 11:11 Candle, which emits the perfect hint of fig when burned. Also, if you’re looking to cleanse your space of negative energy, try the Sage and Lighter Set.

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