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After the LOOOOOONGEST winter ever, we NYC girls have earned this summer sunshine!!

Bring on the outdoor cafes!  Oh Hello, HIGHLINE!  Cocktails on a rooftop?  BBQ’S in Brooklyn?  Yes please!

Sunshine and sunscreen, and a weekend in the Hamptons means:

BIKINIS!!!  (cue car screeching noise!)

Don’t worry dollface, if the long winter gave you a few extra lbs, not to fret!

I can show you how to be BIKINI ready in just 5 steps!

tracy campoli miami memorial



When you know you are going to be in a bikini, you want to be sure that your belly is looking tight and toned!  Bloating can make you feel like you like a whale:(

For a few days before your weekend, be sure to drink tons of water!  It may seem counter intuitive but HYDRATING will help to flush your system , keep your digestion optimal, and helps to keep your metabolism at it’s best, and your belly it’s flattest!

However, be sure to drink throughout the day consistently.  Drinking a LARGE amount of water at one time can cause your belly to puff,  so sip all through the day.  Plain water is your bestie here, avoid the bubbles!  No seltzer or sparkling as that can also cause bloating and gas.  (save the bubbles for a champagne toast!)


Even if you workout consistently, I always tell my clients to have a few *extra* sexy sweat sessions BEFORE they hit the sand, so that they feel 100% comfortable on the beach and at the pool.  For busy babes, the most effective workouts are HIIT workouts, that contain BLASTS of cardio work and toning.  This will get you sweating, tight and toned and feeling super sexy fast.

An example of a fast and effective HIIT workout is HERE.

You don’t have to workout all day long to look fabulous (isn’t that great news!!) but a daily sweat session is best for beach babes 😉


3. FAKE IT!!

I can not stress enoguh the amazing benefits of a spray tan!!!!  Your skin will glow, any minor imperfections seems to fade, your muscles seem to pop and in just a few minute you can miraculously look like a Victoria’s Secret Angel!  Airbrush is best, but if you can’t get into your fave salon, a booth will do the trick.  Be sure to find a good self tanning lotion for any touch up’s or fading.  Soaking in pools and sunscreen can make your faux glow fade fast, so pack your lotion to keep up the bronze babe look.


Do not wait until Friday to try on your new suits.  Have a practice party, and try on your best bikinis and check out  your HOT body!!

Confidence comes from loving yourself, so rather than having a pity party, have a strutting session!  Put on your bikini, grab your best heels and check yourself out!

Really take a good look at your body and find the parts of yourself that you LOVE!

FOCUS on the parts that you love: have great arms?  Awesome!  A sexy back?  Sweet!  A booty like Beyonce?  Work it!!  Confidence comes from within, so send your body LOVE to feel your best.


You are hydrated, tight, toned and feeling confident in your bikini, one last step:

5. Practice the SANDWICH PRESS!

The sandwich press is the act of drawing in your abdominals deep into your spine, but the TRICK here is to look like you aren’t doing a thing, you just happen to have Gisele Bundchen’s flat abs;)

So how do you do it?

Think of having a belt on, on the inside of your body.  Draw your navel up and into your spine and keep it there!  Be careful to not puff out your ribs or chest, or everyone will know your secret!  I tell my clients, to imagine you are at the beach and someone is taking a photo of you….those abs will be pulled in FAST!  Keep them there.

The only time your abs should be 100% released is when your are sleeping or dead.

And babe you are ALIVE!!!  So practice your sandwich press!  For a detailed video visit HERE.

Now that wasn’t so hard was it??

Enjoy your summer sunshine and your sexy bikini body by following these quick and easy steps!


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Tracy Campoli is a lifestyle and wellness coach and is passionate about helping people create BODIES and LIVES they LOVE. With over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry as a certified Pilates instructor, personal trainer and lifestyle coach, she has helped literally thousands of people look and feel their best. Her specialty is working with busy women that are gaining weight, run down and are "so over!" the diet roller coaster and helping them to lose weight, reduce stress, increase their energy, and feel HOT! (all without working out all day or starving!) Tracy has had over 2.6 million views on her successful YouTube channel, allowing her to help women all over the world! Besides downtown NYC, you can find her at

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