Gracie Phillips: Stepping into the Spotlight

You may recognize model Gracie Phillips from her work with Too Faced Cosmetics, Pat McGrath and fashion brand Skechers, but after two years in the business she has decided to let the world know she is not only a thriving model, but the daughter of beloved film actor Lou Diamond Phillips.

Just as sweet as she looks, Phillips is quite humble about her childhood, and gave BELLA a fun and interesting look inside her rising career.

Photo by Dorien

You have partnered with so many amazing brands in just two years of modeling.  What would you say sets you apart in this very competitive industry?  

What sets me apart (other than being a celebrity kid) is that I went a route that not many would have gone.  A lot of people say to me “You could have easily gone into this by saying who your dad was to start off with.”  But, I never wanted to do that because I never wanted anyone to be able to say “Oh, she did this because of her dad and not because of her own hard work.”

Is there anyone you look up to in the industry?

I love Kate Moss!  She’s an icon in the industry and just effortlessly beautiful.

Photo by Adam Mont

What inspired you to pursue a modeling career?

I would love to be a positive role model within the industry – to talk out about self-love and the different types of beauty.  I think we’ve made great strides and to be a part of that is something that drives me in my career.

How do you feel about the rise of plus size models?

I think it’s amazing!   I think it’s really important to showcase different kinds of beauty because not everyone is going to be a size zero and it’s unrealistic for anyone to even think that’s the average body type. I think focusing only small sizes promotes eating disorders, but I am all about promoting self-love and plus size, you don’t need to be a size zero to be beautiful!

Photo by Dorien

What has been one of your best experiences since starting in modeling?

Working with Pat McGrath was amazing!

How does it feel to finally talk about being a part of a celebrity family?

It feels nice. I mean, it was never necessarily a secret I just didn’t talk about it. You know, I asked my agents not to send me out saying “Oh, this is Lou Diamond’s Daughter.”  I wanted them to just say who I am as a person and I think it benefited me because now I’m able to say I did it on my own.

Of course now that it’s out I am very proud of my dad and his many accomplishments. He’s a great person so who wouldn’t be proud to be attached to that name.

How do you define Beauty?

Smiling – whenever you’re happiest and feel your best that is beauty to me.

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