Dave Oancea

It all started 15 years ago in Las Vegas for Dave Oancea who today is better known as “Vegas Dave.” Oancea is an acclaimed sports betting consultant who is regarded as one of the elite sports handicappers of this era. Wagering over $100,000 a week on sports, his success has attracted fans and sports betters from around the world.   
One week into the 2015 season, Oancea made history by betting a little over $100,000 to 2.5 million on the Kansas City Royals winning the World Series. While experts had chosen them to finish in last place in the AL Central, this became the highest paid future bet in sports betting history. 
Just two weeks after this win, Oancea predicted Holly Holm would beat the undefeated UFC women champion Ronda Rousey at +1,100 odds, setting another record as the highest payout in UFC history. Oancea placed a $20,000 bet and received a $240,000 payout.
BELLA recently chatted with “Vegas Dave” to learn more about his skills and upcoming predictions, read on:
How did you get started in this business?
Growing up I used to collect baseball cards. I was able to predict who would be good or not. I would buy cards and sell them for more and I was able to tell an individual player’s worth or a team’s worth. When I lived in Hawaii, I found out you could bet on team sports and I was instantly hooked. I decided to go to college in Vegas, enrolled and took out a $10,000 student loan. I ended up doubling that on a roulette and with that money I started my bank roll.
To date, my favorite bet has been the one on the Royals winning the world series. Everyone laughed at me and thought I was crazy.
What’s keeping you busy these days?
I don’t sleep much and I spend a lot of time checking stat reports but definitely the Superbowl is keeping me busy these days.
Complete the following sentences:
I am happiest when…
I am successful at my business.
The key to my success has been…
 Hard work, skill and luck. You have to be able to take big risks and have guts to do this. If you want the big rewards, you have to take big risks. This is work, a lot of it has to do with my mindset throughout the week. I watch hours and hours of games and sports. I take risks that 99% of people would never take. When you’re betting hundreds of dollars a month, you have to be on it. So everything I’ve received, I’ve worked very hard to get.
Over the years, Oancea has had many ups and downs on his gambling journey. However, Vegas Dave has always believed he was destined to succeed in the sports betting world and with a more disciplined approach, he’s done just that.
To learn more about “Vegas Dave,” visit ItsVegasDave.com!

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