Getting to Know Tony Drockton, Chief Cheerleader of Hammitt Los Angeles


Handbags, so many fabulous styles and designers to choose from. Yet, there’s loyalty to a brand once you know what happens with it behind the scenes. Not just of how the bag is made, but how its design is conceived.

We had the pleasure of speaking directly to Tony Drockton, Chief Cheerleader of  HAMMITT Los Angeles, in his New York  Showroom last week. We left feeling excited after connecting with Drockton’s infectious energy, sensibility, passion and commitment to his customers and company. Listen in…

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What do you look for at the end of a design?

When I talk to someone and they say that we’re their favorite handbag in their closet, I know we’re doing something right. Our goal is to be that brand. In order to do that you have to be timeless. But in order to be successful you have to be pertinent to the times you’re in. That’s a hard thing to manage. I’d give up being the bag of the moment, for being timeless. With just over 10 years under our belt, we’ve concentrated on what we know we’re really good. We’re casual enough that you can use it to head out in the morning for a cup of coffee and then into work. But then, you can also wear it out for cocktails. That funny saying, “We’re not for a reason or a season.” We’re the handbag that we’d love a mom to pass down to their daughter.

When we design, we focus on the fact that you might leave in the morning with one plan and end up someplace different, or on a last minute trip to Vegas. Their comfort is great and our bags are really presented in a very versatile way. You can switch colors, they’ve got pockets in all the wrong places. They’ve got the straps that can go from long to medium to cross body. Our backpacks can be sling-backs. They can also be satchels, so we really think through the design in case there’s a change.

What’s one thing you want women to always walk away with when purchasing your bags?

Definitely that they are getting the highest quality bag and the softest leather. And if it’s their favorite bag and it’s the one that they were every day, to me that’s an honor.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty comes from within. And how do I connect that to our line? I chose to make our bags in the highest quality, suede lining for the inside. Not because anybody sees it except for the owner, but because it makes them feel really good when they open our bags and they see it, touch it.

I hope that the people that wear our bags, feel the same way about themselves.


Tony ended our conversation with the following, “Whether it’s in the quality of the designs, the service after a purchase, or in the interactions with our manufacturers or our partners or our wholesale channels, we always do our best to deliver more than we’re asked.”

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