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Co-anchor of “omg! Insider”

From the playing fields of the sports world to the red carpets of Hollywood, Thea Andrews has established herself as a veteran TV journalist who is as comfortable reporting breaking news live on the scene as she is hosting reality talent competitions. Her diverse experience ranges from co-hosting a live daily morning show for ESPN and reporting for ABC Sports to covering the world of entertainment as a correspondent for “Entertainment Tonight” and the host of “Entertainment Tonight Weekend.” Thea lives in Los Angeles, California, with her husband Jay Wolf and their two sons, Jack and Tuck.

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We got up close and personal with Thea … 

You are currently juggling motherhood with a very busy career: How have your daily routines changed since becoming a mom? You always look so put together – how do you keep up your energy? 

My daily routine is a little tricky these days because we start our morning meetings in the newsroom at 5:30 a.m. and from there it’s pretty hectic with prepping and shooting the show until the early afternoon. After that, if I don’t have any shoots outside the studio in the late afternoon or other work to do, I try to squeeze in a quick workout on the lot before I pick up my kids and do carpool for their play dates or activities. It can be tough because the most important key to recharging my batteries is working out regularly and getting enough sleep … and of course, when I’m busy at home and at work, those two things are the first to go!

What is your definition of beauty?
There’s no one size-fits-all … sometimes it’s physical, sometimes there’s something in a person’s attitude, like confidence, that makes them attractive. The one defining characteristic of beauty for me is that it’s linked to character. No matter what a person starts with physically, we’ve all had that experience of meeting someone who seems to become more beautiful in our eyes – or less so – the better we get to know them.

What’s your one “must have” fashion and beauty item for fall?
One great thing about moving from New York to Los Angeles is not feeling pressure to update my fall wardrobe! But it seems every fall I add at least one great flat boot to my wardrobe. The past two years they’ve been knee-high Pradas – they’re cozy and comfy and I love them. Those plus jeans, a tee and a Burberry trench are about as “fall” as it gets for me.

What’s your favorite part of NYC?
Walking. No one walks anywhere in LA. Ever. 

Finish this sentence: I am happiest when my kids are…
… making me laugh.  


Here’s a quick look at some other very-BELLA celebs…



David Anders,
Television Actor

Who is your favorite person to have worked with?

All of the wonderful people I worked with on “Alias” stand out for me. Ron Rifkin, Victor Garber, Jennifer Garber and Bradley Cooper were all instrumental in teaching a young “whipper snapper” like me how to do what we do … and do it even better!

What’s your definition of beauty?

To me, beauty is about balance.  

Finish this sentence: My favorite thing about growing up in Oregon was … 
… the mountains, the trees and the rivers. And, the wonderful family I was born into.


Michael Harney

Michael Harney
Broadway and Television Actor

 What are your favorite parts of New York City? 

As a New Yorker I really enjoy hanging out on the Lower East Side. I love the Broadway theaters and Lincoln Center as well as all the off- and off-off Broadway houses. [I also like] walking over the Brooklyn Bridge and having a great Italian meal in Brooklyn. Sitting in the coffee houses on Bleeker St. and watching and meeting people. I drove a cab fulltime in NYC and used to walk all over Manhattan for hours. You could live 200 years and still not see it all.

 What’s your definition of beauty? 

Beauty to me is authenticity with grace, compassion through love and service.

Finish this sentence: I knew I had made my dreams come true when

…  I realized that my son’s life was more important than my own.


Blake Berris 

Blake Berris
Soap Opera and Indie Actor

What are your thoughts on becoming an actor?
I’m one of those crazy people who told my parents I wanted to be an actor when I was 2 years old. I started doing theater whenever possible and directing movies at home with my sister and friends whenever I could. So I can’t really remember a time when acting and storytelling wasn’t part of my identity.

How do you unwind off camera?
Dinners with family and friends with too much wine and good food is a favorite way to unwind, and I love seeing film and theater as often as possible.

What’s your definition of beauty? 

I think beauty is something that is in balance with harmony and nature. I am definitely someone who appreciates aesthetics, and lines are very stimulating to me, be it a woman or a building or a tree. But at the same time beauty means a lot more to me than that. Everybody understands the balance of nature a little differently, and when you find someone or something that understand it in the same way, I think that’s pretty beautiful.

Finish the sentence: “Days of Our Lives” is a part of American pop culture because it …
… centers around family, [something] everyone can relate to. And unlike most TV shows, it doesn’t need to invent a family history – there’s 50 years of it that actually exist! If you think about it, a lot of people have probably spent more time with certain characters from “Days” than they have with actual family members. That’s pretty remarkable.


Pom Klementieff, Movie Actress

What was it like to work with Spike Lee? 

It was wonderful! He’s so generous and talented. As an actor you feel safe and at the same time he knows how to push you and get the best from you. He never loses contact with reality and people. I think he’s just an amazing human being. I’m so happy when I see him from time to time.

How do you stay healthy? 

I do Taekwondo. I enjoy running anywhere (I ran three half marathons) and I love to do some yoga too. I always use high protection for my face. I love to eat everything. I’m not able to be on a diet. The best diet is to have a lover you really like. Usually you don’t want to eat three cheeseburgers when you know you’re going to be in his arms!

 What’s your definition of beauty? 

Being self confident, and having a sense of humor! A girl or a guy who doesn’t make me laugh or who doesn’t have a little of self-deprecation is boring and not sexy to me! A girl who’s wearing super sexy high heels and who will fall and who is not able to burst out laughing after it, what’s the point?

 Finish this sentence: I knew I wanted to be an actress when …

… I first watched “Oldboy” by Park Chan Wook. It’s true – I remember I was 16. It’s one of the first movies I saw that made me think, “I want to be inside the movie!”

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