Getting to Know: Carolyn Hennesy


We sat down with Carolyn Hennesy to get an inside look on her experiences being an actor. We talked about all her achievements, including her new Christmas movie, A Snow White Christmas which premiered on ION on December 9th, and what we can look forward to seeing from her in the future. Through her many stories, Hennesy gave us insight on what it;s like to be an actor.

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Your new Christmas movie, A Snow White Christmas, premieres December 9! Was this your first Christmas project? What was it like to be a part of this movie?

You know…I think this may have been my first; if not my first, it’s close to it because I can’t remember any other truly Christmas or Christmas-themed films.  Of course, that might just be me.  I love this film: everything about it from cast to crew to location to wardrobe to vanities, you name it…was just top drawer.  It was a “funny” set; everyone was laughing at on and off camera shenanigans.  Don’t get me wrong, however, everyone was serious about getting this movie in on time and within budget, but everyone (that I saw, at least) worked so well together it made for a very easy time of it.

We have seen you play so many different roles on shows such as ABC’s, General Hospital to Suits to your brand-new movie, which is coming out in the new year, St. Agatha, an all-female indie horror movie! How do you manage to switch yourself between so many different roles?

It’s like a general surgeon who goes from arms one day to knees the next and fingers the day after that: you’ve gone to school, learned as much as possible and then you begin to ply your trade and put your education to use. With each operation-role, in my case-you hope you grow and do better and find the subtleties and finesse this or that.  Some things just become second nature and then with roles like “Mother Superior” in St. Agatha, you have the joy of going places you almost never get to in other projects; it’s always fun, but in some cases, it’s almost sinful just how much fun I’m having.

Was it a scary thing to switch from acting, something which you have received Emmy Awards for, to writing a book? Was being an author something you always wanted to?

I’ve always loved writing, but authoring a novel (let alone eight) was something way beyond my wildest imaginings.  There was really no fear associated with the Pandora series because I was having such a good time plumbing the depths of my imagination—it was never a case of fearing going too far because I realized this was the one place I simply couldn’t go too far; if I kept true to the characters and the story, then there was simply no place I couldn’t go.  And it wasn’t really switching from one to another; it was just another outlet.  The creative force is bigger than anyone or anything and it will find a way out.

You were ranked on the New York Times Best-Seller List! What did this achievement feel like?

You could have knocked me over with a feather.  I’ve seen a lot of things in my mind’s eye—any actor has rehearsed their Oscar acceptance speech with a hairbrush or a wooden spoon (or in my case, the real thing—thanks, Dad!)—but this was something I hadn’t even considered…ever.

Who have been some of the funniest actors/actresses you have worked with in the past?

David Koechner (Anchorman) was hilarious when I did an episode of Future Man.  Christopher Heyerdahl was a crack-up while doing True Blood.  Debra Jo Rupp was incredible to watch when I did several episodes of That 70’s Show.  And I loved working with Busy Phillips on Cougar Town.  On General Hospital, though…Maurice Benard and Steve Burton can make me laugh just by looking at me.

You’re always so busy! How do you manage to balance being an award-winning actress, a best-selling author and an entrepreneur?

Fortunately, I’m rarely doing everything at once and I’ve learned to compartmentalize fairly well.  And there will be days, weeks sometimes, when I’m only really focusing on one thing, maybe two.  Staying sane is a big priority.

What can we expect to see from you in the future? More books/acting?

I’m working diligently with a producing partner on securing a home for the Pandora live action series.  I have a fabulous rom-com film currently in post-production, The Swing of Things with Luke Wilson, Matt McCoy, Linda Purl, and Chord Overstreet.  And I’m penning the sequel to that film with another actress/writer.  There’s a lovely World War II period piece that’s in the pipeline.  Honestly, though, I’d love a sci-fi series where I have to be in a make-up chair for two hours every morning…something really out there.  A gal can dream…

Here at BELLA, our tagline is Beauty Defined by You. How would you define beauty?

It’s always and only…attitude.  An attitude of kindness, no-bullshit, owning your whole being both good and bad, grace, a north-pointing moral compass and making life a little easier and better for those around you will make you the most beautiful person in the entire world.

Photo Credit: ABC/Craig Sjodin

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