Jenn Gotzon Launches #InnerBeauty Campaign, Inspiring Young Women and Teenage Girls to Celebrate Themselves

Since portraying Tricia Nixon in Ron Howard’s Oscar-Nominated Frost/Nixon, Jenn’s become an American leading lady in uplifting and redemptive movies. Film Advisory Board’s “Award of Excellence and Outstanding Contribution to the Entertainment World” was given to Jenn Gotzon last year for her performance in “Doonby”.

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Bit by the acting bug at the age of 15 her local talent agency, Chartreuse Talent Management in Allentown, PA got her started with acting classes, pageants and public speaking.

Her dedication to personal growth lead her to continue her education at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts two-year program in NYC and Joanne Baron / DW Brown Studio two-year conservatory in LA. BELLA recently talked to Jenn about her career and upcoming projects, read on:


How did you start in this business?

After my high school drama teacher expressed to me I had no talent and would never make it as an actress (because it’s a very difficult career to “make it”), I cried, prayed, and then found direction going to school in NYC to learn the craft of acting for film. After studying for several years at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts – I moved west and began winning awards at small independent film festivals. Eventually after 7 years of pursuing, studying, doing background work and starring in small short films, I was blessed to be picture-picked to play Tricia Nixon in an amazing movie directed by Ron Howard called “Frost/Nixon”. Since then, I have been offered lead roles directly in over 20 films and tv pilots. I am currently filming series and pilot for Hulu called “Holiday Shelter” as one of the series regulars named Reba who is a hot mess! Loving it!

What has been your favorite role to date?

Meghan Doherty in “God’s Country” because she starts out as a diva in Las Vegas driving a Ferrari, then has a life transformation realizing its significance comes from love of family and friends versus love of things. After playing on television in America, it is about to open in theaters in Brazil in February 2016.

How do you feel your #InnerBeauty challenge impacts the community you serve? How can others get involved in your efforts?

 My heart is to share a mind strategy that has helped me heal internally from a traumatic time in my life where I didn’t believe in myself or feel worthy, not to mention beautiful (ha, what’s beauty? Right?). I was hired to be the face of the most famous makeup artist in China for his company “Jubilee“. During the photoshoots, I remembered focusing on being these various words and that was what the photographer was capturing. I was focusing on being peaceful, focusing on being noble, focusing on being courageous, etc. 


My vision is having girls and guys (but mostly gals) try this as a game. Select one of these words to focus on being and then live life through that mental filter. When something bad or good happens, look at it thru that filter. Focus on being noble and see how your reaction will change. 


The #InnerBeauty words: peaceful, noble, authentic, gracious, grateful, courageous, honest.

Once you choose a word say internally throughout the day  “I am focusing on being _____. “

Take a photo of yourself holding that word, hashtag the word, hashtag #InnerBeautyChallenge and tag me so I can add it to the montage @JennGOTZON.

Beauty Must Haves…

  1. LOVE in your heart to all people, even more important to the most difficult people in life.
  2. Good mascara (LOL) I love Lancome Hypnose Star!!!

Complete the following sentences:

Beauty is….

…A reflection of what is inside your heart that is good, that is pure, that is lovely, that is kind that SHINES from the heart through the eyes 💛.

I am happiest when… 

…I have my morning devotions or after an amazing worship service at Hillsong Church at the Sony PlayStation in Times Square! Loving it!!!

Jenn’s #InnerBeauty campaign encourages girls to give the gift of love this New Year. Here is an idea of what girls can do!

  1. Write on a piece of paper a word that you want to focus on being (i.e. #Authentic, #Honest, #Noble, #Peaceful, #Lovely #Gracious)
  2. Add the Hashtag #InnerBeauty and tag @JennGOTZON
  3. Post on Instagram with what you’re focusing on being. (i.e. “This New Year I’m focusing on being #Gracious! #InnerBeauty #Graciousness @JennGOTZON”)
  4. Tag your best friend and challenge them to focus on #InnerBeauty!

Jenn’s hope is that this call to action will actually encourage girls to feel better about themselves and help shift their focus from the “mean girls” to their #InnerBeauty.

Since 2010, Jenn Gotzon has starred in over 20 film and television productions many of which were directly offered. She is proud to say that every one of these roles have remained in line with her passion: to entertain, to impact, to inspire and ultimately bring hope to audiences everywhere.

Gotzon has a motivational speaking program called “Inspiring Audiences”where she travels nationwide and pioneers opportunities to show the movies she stars in, followed by in-depth conversation about moral lessons of the movie and an innovative exercise to help people grasp the passions of their heart to begin living their dreams.

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