Getting to Know Author, Inventor and Reel Housewife Jillian Coburn

Jillian Coburn is an entrepreneur, inventor, outdoorswoman, and mother of three.  You may remember her as a 2015 BELLA White Party sponsor.


Wie ist Cialis 100 mg Tabletten anzuwenden? Wie kann ich Cialis günstig kaufen? click go to link source Online Casino for iPod Touch Jillian Coburn is an entrepreneur, inventor, outdoorswoman, and mother of three.  You may remember her as a 2015 BELLA White Party sponsor.

In the years since, Coburn has passionately committed herself to supporting and elevating women who have nowhere to turn and are living under the shadows of domestic violence. A survivor herself, Jillian energetically assists women living with abuse by empowering and teaching them how to get out, heal and build a life they’ve always imagined.

Jillian Coburn’s new memoir, My Ugly Truth: Life Beyond Abuse, is a bracing one: When Coburn was 18 and unexpectedly got pregnant, her life changed. With little support from the baby’s father, a pill habit to feed, Coburn soon found herself in a cycle of addiction, psychological, and physical abuse.

In the years following, Coburn went from one bad relationship to the next. Eventually, she found her saving grace in her faith, her husband Lonnie and her children, and her determination to stay clean.

My Ugly Truth: Life Beyond Abuse is a riveting story, about not just the social and emotional realities of addiction, but also the monetary and opportunity costs of single parenthood and the secret lives of abusers and the abused who live to tell their stories.

Why did you decide to write this book?

I wrote this book to provide a roadmap for women and men who are in a domestic violence relationship or know someone who is in one and have no way out. I wanted the reader to have a point of view from a survivor versus that of a therapist or Dr. whom may have never experienced what abuse may look like.  I wrote this book so no one has to experience the horror I experienced when I chose to stay in the toxic, unhealthy relationships I once was in.  My ultimate goal is for the reader to have hope that they can change their behaviors. Everything is a choice.  We choose to be happy. We choose to be sad. Both are thoughts that create our universe.  We put out energy and if we are putting out the wrong energy we will only get that back.

Since writing it, what has been your favorite moment to date? 

Speaking and being on a Power Panel at ETTWomen‘s conference in New Jersey -one I first attended 19 months ago.  At this conference I sold out of all of my books that I brought for women who wanted to change their lives for the better.  This meant so much to me.  Making a difference, helping women who actually wanted to get out or even find a better life for themselves or for their friends. Their love and their hugs. This makes me want to continue doing what I am doing.

What do you hope people walk away with from learning about your story?

That you have a voice and it takes a lot of work to reach your full potential.  Life isn’t easy and it is a trial and error process for everyone. I want people to be able to find the value that was once taken from them by someone who abused them.  I want them to know they have a choice and if it doesn’t feel like they are being valued, that they can choose to walk away and create a new an amazing life that is full of joy and ease.

Beauty is…

Looking in the mirror and loving yourself. It’s also knowing that everyone who has something to say that isn’t kind, that’s their stuff and no one else’s. Beauty is appreciating everything that God has given to you and being able to soak it all in with ease. Beauty is finding peace in the way a human or living being treats another person. 

I am happiest when …

I am loving myself and not self-sabotaging because someone has triggered my PTSD.  I am happiest when I am on the beach in Destin, Florida.  I am happiest when its 4:00am and I haven’t had any sleep and I am with the Reel Trio getting ready to hunt some birds.  I am happiest when I see the joy and love in my children’s eyes and my husband’s.  I am happiest when I am in adoration, praying.  I am happiest when I am walking in the hills and admiring the lake.

Jillian is co-owner of NOLA Prestige Electric, a women/minority based contracting company. She is also an up and coming inventor soon to release a product invented for families with kids and who have animals. Coburn also founded the apparel line, Reel Housewives of the Deep South, in 2014, producing one-of-a-kind American-made designs for Southern women who love the outdoors and choose “catfishing over catfighting!”

Jillian spends her time on the lake or at home creating new books. She is readily involved with PTA and is the president of Fundraising. She enjoys traveling and spending time with family. Jillian lives and works in Lago Vista, Texas with her husband and three children. 

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