Getting to Know Adylia-Rhenee Gutierrez, CEO of ADEES Co


where to buy Autodesk 3ds Max 2016 Adobe InCopy CS6 download ou puis-je acheter cialis professionnel en toute securite Buy Atrovent Without Prescription Online how to get tinidazole online How to Get a Prescription for Alli ADEES Co exclusively designs and manufactures all its products. The company maintains an intense focus on quality, product innovation, and attainability.

ADEES Co was founded by CEO Adylia-Rhenee Gutierrez’s grandmother more than 40 years ago and after college, she decided she wanted to revamp and re-brand the company while continuing the original vision through made-to-order, hand-made, and accessible leather goods.

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Over the winter, I had the opportunity to test out a bag and wallet and most recently chatted with Adylia-Rhenee Gutierrez about the brand. Get to know Adylia through a chat with BELLA

How and why did you start in this business? 

Unconventionally! Adees Co was started by my grandmother in the 1970s and was a premier clothing line sold at I. Magnin & Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills. I was a junior at Fox School of Business when my International Business professor stated “find what you have and perfect it.” I worked backwards. I first saw a gap in the market – high quality and fun items for an attainable price, and I knew I could fill it. I was fortunate to have a Brand I could gut and rebuild.

Since launching, what has been your favorite moment to date?

My favorite moment would have to be launching the “Sweet Vibes” Collection with Vanessa Simmons!

What do you hope people walk away with from experiencing your brand?

That they’re worth it. We’re a fun brand that promotes individuality & being unapologetically yourself. We know people work hard for their money, and that’s why Adees Co works hard to be an accessible brand that is handmade and 100% leather.

Beauty is…

Having a strong sense of self.


I am happiest when …

I’m around my loved ones & water.

Every ADEES Co product is handcrafted, using the finest quality saffiano and calf skin leather. The colors and timeless styles make each leather bag season-less and the pieces cater to all types of men and women, making the brand gender inclusive and featuring versatile and unisex collections.

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