Getting to Know: Kristen Doute, Star of Bravo’s Hit Show “Vanderpump Rules”

Kristen Doute, self-proclaimed “vegiholic” and star of Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules,” has turned her on-air success into a vibrant and funny lifestyle blog. Throughout her 22 years as a vegetarian, she’s learned to be open-minded and she encourages others to do the same. With that in mind, she created, where she shares rants, recommendations, recipes, and her experience living the LA Dream.

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Here, Doute dishes with BELLA on the show, the site, and life in La-La Land.

What we can expect in season five of “Vanderpump Rules”?

It’s definitely my favorite season—honestly, I feel like it’s a good throwback to season one. It’s a really long season, which I love. And I love the core cast being more interactive, and all the dynamics that are going to play out.

Do you think the show’s portrayal of the cast is accurate?

Yes, and no. What you see is what really happened; there’s no faking that. But I do think, because they are there to tell a story, it can be a little one-dimensional. You don’t necessarily see all sides of everyone.

Tell us more about your new website, 

I’ve been working on the content for about a year, and we launched the site a few months ago. It’s about embracing a healthy lifestyle—whether you’re a vegetarian or not. I think people can relate to it. One of my best friends and castmates, Katie Maloney, has a very successful beauty blog called Pucker & Pout, so I looked to her as a mentor in helping me build my site.

You’re originally from the Midwest—how’s life on the West Coast?

I will never leave! I’m so grateful I found a great job and a great group of friends. I’m glad I didn’t end up being one of those transplants who only lasted a couple of years.

You’ve evolved so much over the past few years. What’s next for you?

I still have my feisty personality traits, but the show has helped me grow as a person. Not everybody has watched themselves make these mistakes on TV! You really learn from that. I’m excited to have a great group of friends, a great boyfriend, and a great home. I love working on my blog and working with my boyfriend on his photography. We’re discussing the possibility of doing a podcast together in the future.


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