Getting to Know More About Audrey Moore


Better known for her roles as “Julie” in the show, “Better Call Saul” and “Francine” in “Manhattan.”  Audrey is now making big moves and co-starring in the talked about Netflix show, “Godless” executive produced by Steven Soderbergh.  

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Bella spoke with Audrey to find out about her new role, who she’s obsessed with and why mental health care is so important to her>

Bella: Where are you from?

Audrey Moore: I was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM.   

BNY: How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?

AM: I started doing plays in New York, Boston, and London but eventually got tired of poverty so I moved to LA!    

BNY: What can we expect from your new show Godless?

AM: Godless is a great story about women empowerment and community in the old west. The writer/director, Scott Frank, has been working on this passion project for years. He wrote beautifully developed characters that will break your heart, make you laugh, inspire you, and there’s some real horrifying moments in the series as well. Every actor’s performance is truly incredible and perfectly cast by Ellen Lewis in NYC and Jo Edna Boldin in the local market. I was so ignited by everyone’s work.    

BNY: Why did you start your podcast?

AM: I started my podcast because everything out there for actors is mostly publicity for the successful actor or education for the very beginning actor. My producing parter, Jesse Lumen, and I wanted to reach out to the working class actor. Most actors are somewhere between novice and famous and I wanted to give inspire, encourage, empathize, and encourage those actors.   

BNY: What is one of the proudest moments of your career so far? 

AM: What a good question. There have been so many. I think I’m most proud of seeing risks pay off. Booking Godless was definitely a dream. All my agents kept asking “ARE YOU SO EXCITED?!” And I was like, “I’m still in shock.” Then the whole month before I got to set I was just so nervous that something terrible would happen to me like I’d gouge out my eye accidentally or break my arm. It was such a dream that I was so nervous I’d screw it up somehow!    

BNY: What’s the best advice you have received? 

AM: Everything Oprah! I’m sort of an Oprah addict but I will say since I was very little my father would always say to me “Those who say they never got a chance, never took a change.” Every time I get comfortable I have to push myself to take a risk and go further. It’s scary. But I’m less and less afraid to fail.   

BNY: You’re an advocate for mental health care, why is it important to you?

AM: Man, I am such huge advocate of this cause. My family has a deep history with addiction, anxiety, and depression. And the three are intrinsically connected. There is so much shame around getting the help and support you need and it’s really tragic. Depression and anxiety lead to addictions in many forms – spending, eating, alcohol, drugs – and it not only effects the people suffering but the families, friends, and work places of these individuals. I’m so passionate that we could save so much money and heart ache as a country if we made mental health a priority.    

BNY: What inspires you?

AM: My partner and love of my life, Jesse. He’s a writer/director and watching him push himself and work on the other side of the camera to get a story made is really something. He makes me want to be better not just at the work but also at enjoying it all. Sometimes it takes courage just to get out of bed in this business and seeing that from all sides really makes me so appreciate every opportunity to collaborate with others.    

BNY: What’s the biggest life lesson you’ve had to learn? 

AM: When in doubt, watch Oprah. [Just kidding. (Sort of.)] My dad died when I was just out of college and I learned that you have to make time for THOSE you love not just WHAT you love. I come from an Irish family and the work ethic is out of this world. My father was no exception but he always put off certain experiences with loved ones because he thought he would have time for that later. Then he was diagnosed with cancer at 48 and died five months later. I became his care taker and those last months were some of the most valuable in my life.    

BNY: Bella LA’s tagline is “beauty defined by you.” How do you define beauty?

AM: Beauty to me is whatever makes someone feel special. Whether that’s a passion, a skill, or a great haircut, appreciating some part of yourself is always beautiful.   

BNY: How would you define your style?

AM: My saying is A.G.V.: always go vintage.  I’ve always had a body that looked great in vintage cuts and styles. I love vintage fabric too! My face looks like a pilgrim so I try to balance that by giving my looks a little edge.    

BNY: How do you spend your time when you’re not working? 

AM: My job is so chaotic that I chill.  I love television. I LOVE it. I watch a lot of everything. Nothing is below me. I love reality. I love competitions. I love scripted. I have no shame. I’ve binged through 7 seasons of Australia’s Next Top Model and I’m super bummed I can’t get the remaining season…    

Fast Faves   

What is your favorite part of LA: the movie studios. I think they’re magic.    

Favorite Restaurant for dinner: Chili’s. No joke. 🙈 All I want is buffalo wings, fries, ranch, BBQ sauce, and blue cheese. I want six forms of fried potatoes and 80 dipping sauces.    

Favorite Music Venue: Hollywood Bowl.   

Favorite Shopping Spot: Malls. I love malls.  I love big malls. Small malls. Out door malls. Strip malls. I love all malls.    

Favorite Brunch Spot: Mar Vista Farmers Market   

Favorite Museum: LACMA.  I am a member and I go probably twice a month.    

Favorite Date place: Our couch. I love to curl up and watch an episode of Project Runway or Game of Thrones.

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