Get To Know Rebecca Knox: BELLA Chats With Orange Is The New Black’s Tina Swope


Orange Is The New Black has already been confirmed for a seventh season, and although it doesn’t air until next summer, we just can’t help but be excited for it! Introduced in season six as Litchfield’s newest inmate Tina Swope, actress Rebecca Knox has just started and will be seen a whole lot more in the episodes to come. The Hamptonite with a passion for everything artsy and creative is only 25 and on the high road to success. Hear what Rebecca thinks of her role Tina, how the two have their similarities, and what other amazing things she has on her plate.

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How did you get into acting?

I started acting when I was 20. I was interning for True Panther Sounds in NYC and was about to enroll at NYU Steinhardt’s Music Business program. A month before classes started, I had a mini crisis. Why on earth was I questioning the path I paved so diligently for so many years? I decided to try something totally new and acting was calling my name. I took a leap of faith and jumped into an acting course just to see how I felt. Acting always terrified me growing up, so the leap wasn’t easy. But I knew the moment I stepped into my first class, I was in the right place. The rest is history!

For those who haven’t “met” her yet, who is Litchfield’s newest inmate Tina Swope?

Tina is part of D-Block. She is an oxy addict with quite the temper. But she is lovable too!

Do you personally identify with the role of Tina?

She reminds me of my younger self. I struggled with bullying as a child and young adult and desperately wanted to fit in, so I followed the pack and did what I was told just to appease the “cool girls”. Tina is similar in this way in that she survives by sticking to the D-Block gang and follows orders to appease her fellow inmates.

Give us a little sneak peek… what will we be seeing from Tina in the episodes to come?

You will have to wait till Season 7 to find out!

Aside from acting, you also own a record label and Mezcal company and help your family with their famous White Sands Motel in Montauk. Can you tell us a little more about your other projects and how you manage to juggle them all?

I luckily have a lovely supportive family. They understand my schedule can be somewhat hectic so we all jump in and help each other when needed. I juggle everything by making lists upon lists… and spreadsheets! I’m an organization freak. I also recently started producing short films and that is something I have been LOVING lately. I definitely want to learn more about what happens behind the camera.

What else are you working on at the moment?

I am currently in the editing stages of my first short film ‘Cavity’. I recently wrote, starred in, and produced my first screenplay and I definitely got the screenwriting bug. I have plans to write the feature-length version in the months to come. I am also SO excited to be working on Season 7 of OITNB.

Even if it takes a little patience, we’re all excited for season 7 to air in summer 2019! Until then, I guess we’ll have to watch reruns of the show…

Follow Rebecca on Instagram @therebeccaknox and be on the lookout for her other projects!

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