Fun Gifts For Your Best Friend


She’s always there to lend a hand, smile, bottle of wine, or a funny meme, so when it comes to buying your bestie a gift, don’t just go with the path of least resistance. Put a little thought into it so she knows you care. Candles are great for acquaintances and gift cards are perfect for teachers, but this is your person here. You don’t have to panic, per se, but you should go above and beyond in coming up with something that’s at least somewhat meaningful. Don’t rack your brain too hard, though, as we can help. Read on for some fun gift ideas for your best friend.

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Favorite Things Basket

We all love when Oprah tells us what her favorite things are. You get a car! And you get a car! And you get a car! Okay, so a vehicle might be out of reach but you get the point. Show your BFF you really know her by getting a simple basket (perhaps at Michaels) and filling it with all of her fave go-to items. You can make them as big or small as you’d like. From tabloid magazines and her favorite candy to an expensive bottle of wine and a book she’s been dying to read, this is the epitome of thoughtful. She’ll be tickled pink to know just how much you get her.


It’s hard to go wrong with jewelry, as there is something for everyone. Whether she’s more of a bold, statement necklace kind of a person or loves delicate rings (a birthstone is always great!), jewelry is nearly universally loved. There are also a lot of great companies out there these days that personalize with everything from initials to stamped tabs with kids’ names on them. Jewelry is great, but personalized items truly go above and beyond. She’ll think of you every time she wears it. If you go for a charm bracelet, you can even add to it every year. If she’s the trendy type, she’d surely love an inspirational piece from Luca + Danni.

Shoes Because, Well, Duh

Women don’t often buy shoes for each other but that begs the question—why not? Much like jewelry, women universally love shoes. And as long as you know her size, why not pull the trigger? Sneaks for your active friend. Rothy’s shoes for your stylish and environmentally conscious gal pal. A cute pair of flip-flops for your beach-loving buddy. Not only is this a fun and relatively unique gift idea, but she’ll surely wear them, too, so it’s a win/win.

A Make-Her-Life-Easy Gift

If you’ve got a friend who’s been burning the candle, chances are she could use a bit of help. This would be particularly beneficial if you live in different cities, as you won’t be able to assist her the way you would if you lived in the same area. Whether it’s a meal delivery service (think Hello Fresh or Blue Apron) or a gift card to Molly Maids, she’ll appreciate that you made her life easier. It might not be the most glamorous option but she’ll surely think of you as she’s kicking back, enjoying a glass of wine while she watches her favorite show.


The Gift of Experience

You can’t wrap this one but it’ll surely put a smile on her face. Think of something that she’s mentioned recently in regards to activities she’s wanted to do or events she’s wanted to attend. From baseball games and concerts to play tickets and even movie gift cards, the possibilities are endless … especially if you’ve been paying attention. Better yet, get a ticket for yourself, too, and make it a BFF night out. Don’t live in her city? Surprise her with a visit! This is how memories that last a lifetime are made.

Don’t phone it in when it comes to your best friend. If she’s got a birthday coming up (or maybe you wanna do it just because!), think of getting her something off this list to make a lasting impression.

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