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From An Intern’s Perspective

| July 27, 2015 | Reply

10:01 A.M. The sun glistens through the monstrous buildings. My stomach turns, but I attempt to keep a confident array. Diverse people surround me, as they too, look like they are heading somewhere meaningful. Before I know it I am there. Standing in front of the building, I take a deep breath in, fix my blazer, and walk into BELLA Magazine’s headquarters.

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My internship at BELLA Magazine has been anything but ordinary. Each workday I am faced with new challenges, lessons, and perspectives. However, the most prominent elements that impact my experience at Bella Magazine are my co-workers and bosses.

Each morning Jaclyn Matrospaqua, BELLA’s Executive Assistant, greets me with a smile. Jaclyn plays a key role in my experience here at BELLA Magazine. Not only does Jaclyn teach me networking skills, but she also teaches me valuable life lessons.   Vanessa Coppes, BELLA’s Social and Digital Media Strategist, Dana Prigge, BELLA’s Features Editor, and Phil Fiscetti, BELLA’s Creative Director, all help me get a real taste of the magazine industry.

They are all extraordinarily talented, making their advice and guidance priceless. Lastly, Courtenay Hall, The Editor-in-Chief of BELLA, and her husband Daniel Hall, the Publisher of BELLA, give me the opportunity to pursue my passions. Courtenay and Dan urge me to expand my horizons and try new areas of interest. As a result, I have discovered a love for writing and marketing—two passions I was not aware of prior to BELLA.

I am grateful to have met such admirable people along my journey at BELLA Magazine. On the first day of my internship I walked into BELLA’s headquarters enthusiastic, but inquisitive; On August 12th I will be walking out with the same enthusiasm, with the addition of insight, wisdom, and knowledge.

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I am Rachel Feigelson, from Long Island, New York and I’m excited to be interning for Bella Magazine this summer. I am 19 years old and attend The Questrom Business School at Boston University with the hopes of continuing on to law school. I am extremely passionate about my school and hold several leadership positions on campus as part of Boston University’s Student Government. Additionally, I love acting, modeling, travel, and photography.

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