FlipRocks! The Most Comfortable Flip Flop Yet

As you all know, the most comfortable summer shoe is the classic flip flop. Although, they aren’t the most sturdy shoe choice, they are easy to get on and off and are comfortable in the summer heat! Well now thanks to Anthony Graffeo and FlipRocks, there is a flip flop shoe that can handle any summer activity and keep your feet comfortable!

FlipRocks flip flops have been created with an unique gripping system that involves a number of different applications. Each gripping unit can be attached to the FlipRocks flip flop, creating different traction applications. These applications are designed for fishing, hiking and kayaking. They also come with different strap color options so you can customize your own FlipRock shoes!


For all your summer activities shoe needs, visit their website for more information: https://fliprocks.com/

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