Five Fashion Tips for Petite Women

When it comes to choosing their style, petite ladies need to watch out for just as much as ladies with statuesque figures do. Choose the wrong clothes, and you risk losing your shape and figure and obscuring your best assets. Wear the wrong sizes and cuts, and you’ll look like you’re wearing a blanket.

For petite ladies, staying in style is a matter of wearing the right sizes, shapes, and combinations. Fortunately for you, it’s not hard to do. Follow these fashion tips for petite women to find create the style that best suits you.

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Find the Right Fit for You

Fit is extremely important in style, especially for petite ladies. Wearing ill-fitting clothes can either overwhelm your figure or completely underwhelm it.

Gone are the days when petite meant short and slim. Petite ladies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but what they have in common is a height that falls right at 5’4″ or shorter. So petite ladies can have hourglass, busty, full, or any other figure. To best find the pieces that compliment your figure, identify your body shape.

For example, petite women with hourglass figures look great in dresses, crop tops, and pencil skirts that show off their curves. A-line skirts and dresses work wonders for extending lines and creating a beautiful silhouette. The best thing about them? They’re flattering on most body shapes!

Balance Your Proportions

Like everything else, balance is key for the perfect style. A flattering outfit for petite women requires the right balance of fit and looseness. If you don’t want your clothes to wear you, you have to carefully select which top goes with which bottom and vice versa.

For full-figured, petite ladies, a fitted top paired with empire-waist bottoms will create a pleasing form while highlighting body shape.

Choose Right Length for Skirts

For petite ladies, short legs come with the territory. Fortunately, knee-length and shorter skirts were made to bypass that. If you’re petite and fond of wearing skirts, choose skirts that sit right on the knees or a little bit above them.

Showing a little bit of leg will create the illusion of more height, as well as show more of your figure. If you wear longer or maxi skirts, wear them with a fitted top and delicate shoes with thin straps. This look maintains the appearance of your form and avoids drawing too much attention on your feet.

Experiment with Layering and Lines

Wearing heels is the quickest way to appear taller. But if you’re looking for comfier alternatives, the right clothes and the right combination can elongate your figure in as easy as 1, 2, 3, as well as create a flattering silhouette.

Wearing vertical shapes can lengthen your figure, as well as make it look slimmer. Subtle vertical details can work wonders while making you look stylish.

Layering is another way to create natty lines that elongate you the appearance of your body. For example, wearing a longer, form-fitting dark top over a crop top creates a contrast and defines the figure, thus adding shape to the whole appearance.

Fond of wearing tights? Wear color-matching shoes to maintain the illusion of an endless line, making you look taller and slimmer.

Get Your Clothes Tailored

Sometimes, mainstream fashion isn’t very friendly with petite ladies, producing one-size-fits-all clothes that don’t account for different body shapes and sizes. As such, it’s high time to consider getting your clothes tailored.

You don’t have to suffer wearing clunky belts, folding too-long trousers, or arranging baggy clothes just right. When you get your clothes tailored, you’ll have clothes that don’t only fit well, but also compliment your best features.

If you’re handy with a needle, you may also consider learning how to alter your own clothes. It’s economical and saves you the time of waiting for the tailors to work on your clothes!

Before You Go

Once you’ve discovered the right style for you, it’s nearly impossible to go back to your old style. If you find yourself saddled with pieces that no longer fit your style, sell your clothes online, and earn some bucks for your new wardrobe. Otherwise, you can try incorporating them into your new style or customize them into new pieces.

While mainstream fashion is beginning to diversify, demands for greater variety need to be met now. Fortunately, even if change is gradual, there are many ways petite ladies can follow trends while staying stylish.

Dressing up is a matter of taking into account the fit and the balance of the pieces you wear, choosing the most flattering shapes and sizes and, if all else fails, getting your clothes customized.

By Melissa Page


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