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Festive Decorations for the Holidays

| December 17, 2015 | Reply


Christmas is on its way and it’s time to deck the halls in the holiday’s finest. If you’re looking for a way to revamp your Christmas decorations this year, we’ve got the tips and tricks to make your home look great for any holiday events you might be hosting. If you’re gearing up to do your shopping for the holidays, make sure you grab all the decorations your home needs for the upcoming month.

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The Christmas Tree

Try something different this year. If you have always used an artificial tree, make this the year you get a real life fir or pine. Add personalized ornaments to your tree and give it that extra special touch this year—this idea is especially fun for the kids. If you live in an apartment that doesn’t allow live trees, or you want to go for an unconventional Christmas tree look this year, consider these unique ideas.

Ladder Christmas Tree

Have a ladder? Then you have a perfectly good Christmas tree…well, sort of. Set up the  ladder in a corner of your house, drape lights and tinsel around it, and use the steps as shelves for Christmas décor.

Beer Can Christmas Tree

If you’ve got some avid beer drinkers in your house and you’d like to make a funny tree for the kitchen or den, stack your empty cans in a tree formation and superglue them together. You can place mini lights within the cans to make them light up, and all of your hubby’s beer buddies will surely get a kick out of this one.

Book Christmas Tree

If you’ve got some old used books laying around, and you’re not too worried about morphing the spines, open them up and lay them face down. Stack the books one by one in a tree formation, decorate with some string lighting and voila, a tree even Hemingway would love. What a novel idea—see what I did there?

A Wreath with a Spin

Instead of doing the normal Christmas wreath this year, purchase one with a unique twist. If you’re wine lover, purchase a wreath made completely out of wine corks. If you live in a notoriously hot climate, give a nod to your geography with a wreath made completely out of succulent for a comical twist on this tradition. If you love color, you can brighten up your walls with a wreath made completely out of colorful orb ornaments. You can even make your own wreath and incorporate your holiday guests. Leave a wooden wreath near the door, and put blank pieces of paper and a red pen next to it. Instruct guests to write down a wish for the upcoming year and place it within the wreath for a beautiful decoration with a sentimental twist.

Natural Drapery

Garland is your friend during the holidays, and I’m not talking the Judy variety. Spruce up your home décor by draping garland across every surface imaginable. Wrap it around your staircase banister, frame your doorways, and put it outside on your front porch to serve as a welcoming symbol for all of your Christmas visitors. You can incorporate small ornaments into its twines, add some mistletoe for a sweet surprise, or hang candy canes as a treat for visitors.

Ring the Bells

Put Christmas bells on the handles of your doors. Not only are they festive, but they serve a practical purpose. If you’ll have a lot of little ones at your celebrations, you’ll always know when doors outside have been opened and keep you alerted of their movement. This is also helpful to signify the entrance of more guests during a bustling holiday party, and they look so cute, who could resist?

Festive Cutlery

When you’re preparing your place settings for the Christmas feast, try something new. Tie a bow around the stems of your drinking glasses, whether they contain wine or punch for a presentation your guests will adore. Make Christmas cleanup easier on yourself by purchasing elegant disposable cutlery, plates, and napkins that look classy but can be quickly throw into the trash can at the end of the night.

Make it Memorable

Purchase a beautiful photo collage from Shutterfly that will show all of your guests your favorite memories from the past year and serve as wonderful décor beyond Christmas time. Make sure you order in advance so you have enough time to receive it.

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