Fashion Week Through the Lens of Today’s Top Influencers


As another fashion month filled with runway shows, presentations, after parties, and many more exclusive events around the world concludes we caught up with local and international influencers dishing on their favorite part of NYFW. Influencers continue to play an essential role on the longevity of fashion as household brands continue to opt out of the popular fashion week timeline or choose to reinvent the fashion week experience by making more personal and interactive events. As content creators they have adapted to the ever changing industry to become insider experts and bring along their thousands, sometimes millions, of followers into private experiences only fashion enthusiasts can dream of attending.  Despite the on-going question of “is fashion week dying” today’s top influencers continue to prove there are so many layers to a one-week experience that make it worth attending, or keep viewers watching. source link follow site Don’t miss a beat! Click HERE to become a BELLA Insider!

Here’s what male and female influencers from around the globe and Big Apple locals had to say about their favorite part of fashion week this season.


Urszula Makowska is a popular social media influencer, fashion blogger, and actress (known for her role on MTV’s Catfish). Based in NYC, her focus is on dark, edgy style, and she’s accumulated an Instagram following of over 124,000 with her unique take on fashion. 

“New York Fashion Week is one of my favorite times of the year! As influencers and bloggers we have the opportunity to be one of the first people to see the new collections for the upcoming season designed by all of the talented designers. It’s exciting to me because the pieces are beautiful! As well, I love being able to reconnect with friends during this time that fly into New York City and also meet new people and make new friends. It’s definitely a reunion!”


Luda is a men’s fashion + lifestyle tastemaker and content creator based in NYC but often found 39,000 feet up. On his page you’ll find a mix of sophisticated neutral pieces with trending streetwear. Luda works with many industry-leading brands such as Fendi, Abercrombie, Reebok, Fila, Dr. Martens, Cos, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Kenneth Cole and many more.

“I love Fashion Week because it gives me the opportunity to get inspired by both new designs and the likeminded people around me. I appreciate how everyone expresses themselves uniquely to show individual interpretations of the seasons new trends.”


Ana is the affordable lifestyle maven and digital strategist behind FashionStyleFoodie. Through her platforms, this NYC based lifestyle blogger showcases her budget savvy sense of style, exceptional taste in beauty and IG worthy foodie locations. Ana is also the creator behind the community, Exclusively Social – A Global Collective for “Women of Influence”.

“My favorite thing about NYFW has always been attending the shows. Even back in the day when I was a fashion student at LIM I would work back of house just to see the latest fashions. I also love to see all the amazing street style, because there are no rules or limits.”

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Fennella Like Whoa is a fashion blogger with a unique fashion sense and love for wigs. She shares her passion for style and hair through photos and videos, plus helps others build their own impactful brand by sharing valuable branding advice on her social platforms.

“One thing I really loved this fashion week was seeing more people of color involved in fashion week as a whole. Not only were there more models of color but there were also more designers of color showcasing their designs and more people of color in general on the teams at fashion week in high roles. This is something that I have been wanting to see and I am so glad that it is becoming a reality.”


Based in New York, Christian Bendek shares his always-changing style, sense of humor, and travel adventures on his Instagram. Christian has also been featured in our Holiday Issue Men’s Profile, where we learned more about his fashionable favorites. This season he continued to amaze with the range of events he attended, and fashion week shows showcased to his followers making them feel like they were a part of the fashion month journey.

The after parties…”


Naty Ashba is a fashion digital influencer and creative director behind the blog, According to Naty. Born in Colombia and raised in Italy, she’s now based in Las Vegas. Her edgy style and passion for traveling are the main focus of her Instagram feed. Plus, highlights her specialty when it comes to beauty and health. Naty’s main goal is inspiring women to be confident. 

“My favorite part of NYFW this season was the creativity of the street style outfits on the streets! Of course the shows are fantastic and the events super fun and exclusive, but seeing people daring to be themselves and embrace their personality through outfits it’s so inspiring!”


With more than 450k followers on Instagram, the digital influencer Maitê Faitorone is a growing name in the fashion world and has already joined main events in Brazil, Paris and NYC. Her profile covers fashion, beauty, trips and gastronomy. Maitê brings a true virtual diary with tips, suggestions and lots of insider information for her followers.

“What I liked most about Fashion Week in NY was the creativity and innovation of designers. I love to follow the trends and lead the way to my followers. I love seeing the diversity of styles and compositions in my looks, which always have a fashion concept involved”


Hunter Vought is the man behind his self-titled men’s fashion and lifestyle blog. After deciding to drop out of college during his first week of Freshmen year, he began doing outfit grids and just transitioned into lifestyle photography with help from photographer Ian Stauffer in March of 2018. Since he has been a pioneer for chasing your dreams, especially with this season being his first fashion week.

This was my first experience of NYFW and one that I will always remember thanks to HUGO BOSS.


Anaya Ivy is a content creator that uses her Instagram platform to express personality, and style. Plus, has a Youtube channel where she gives her opinion on trending topics, shares fun beauty tutorials, or brings viewers along for a day in the life vlogs and many more other videos. She likes focusing on fashion and showcasing outfits as a way to inspire and give her followers style inspiration.

“I love the rush and excitement NYFW energy gives me. Lets me know I’m right where I belong”

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