Fashion RX: Nothing a Little Black Dress Won’t Fix


Dear Fashion Doctor,

December is here and we all know what this means: It’s holiday party time! I’m a single, successful doctor living in Manhattan, and I truly enjoy my life. I’m very social and love entertaining and attending parties. But the holidays are hard for me because I live so far away from my family and as a doctor I do not always get to go home. I go to events and parties, but I tend to struggle with what to wear and how I should present myself. I’m also getting a bit older and I want to invest in statement items that I can wear over and over again. I’m in dire need of help!

I have a “successful singles” holiday party that I will be attending on Christmas Eve with 50 other established women and men. I’m truly excited about it, but I have nothing at all to wear. I’m very open to spending money on my image; however, I like the idea of investing in something I can wear twice, as I will be celebrating New Year’s Eve in Beverly Hills.

I’d love to invest in a look that can work on the East Coast and on the West. I want to feel sexy and on trend but also refined. Please help!

With love,

Doctor Social

Dear Doctor Social,

You are a modern day rock star! I love that you are aware of exactly where you are at this moment in your life. You did not mention your age, but it does not matter. You are at a point in your life where you are comfortable with yourself and your image, and your social life seems to be booming. You are also financially at a point where you are ready to explore a bit more with your image and clothing choices. Bravo!

Investing in clothing and more specifically, jewelry, is always a good idea. That doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive item on Madison Avenue, but taking the time to sort out how you would like to convey yourself from an aesthetic point of view is a smart move. Once you have an idea of how you want to look, you can build outfits that are transitional and can stay with you a lot longer in life than just trendy pieces.

I will give you a modern and youthful prescription that will heal your style confusion and also add to where you are in life currently. Enjoy, and continue being you!


The Fashion Doctor

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TREND: Jacquard Fabric


MUST-HAVE ITEM: Investment Jewelry


Brock Collection Off-The-Shoulder Jacquard Dress – $2450,

Want to have a statement-making moment? Try this chic off-the-shoulder black and silver metallic ensemble. The dress is classic but is still festive, so you can revisit it over and over again.



Sophia Webster Winona Floral-Embroidered Suede Lace-Black Sandal – $825,

Shoes should transport a woman and elevate an outfit. Go for something that is magical and that adds to your look as these do. Pair these same sandals with a bohemian dress in the summer for a light and airy vibe, or jeans and a motorcycle jacket in the winter for a rocker chick look.


Dress The Part Fan Clutch – $348,

Nothing is worse than wearing a stuffy bag on a night that’s all about celebrating. Go for something unusual that will break the ice and inspire conversation.



Gold/Jet Black Earrings – $48,

Make heads turn with these bold yet affordable statement earrings. They are perfect for day or night.



Venom Chadonne Collection 18 Karat Gold and Black Diamond Bracelet – Price Available Upon Request,

Forget your traditional diamonds; black diamonds are all the rage. Never think twice about investing in diamonds! And just like traditional styles, these diamonds are truly forever. And don’t be afraid to mix high and low jewels together.



Violetta Collection 18 Karat Yellow Gold Slice Diamond Ring – Price Available Upon Request,

Never forget to dress up your fingers. Costume jewels are fun but the real deal is always better. Find a remarkable ring that you will love to wear all the time – even during the day.

Contributed by Marcus Stewart

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