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Dear Fashion Doctor,

Fall is here, and as a season of changes, I completely relate to it. I recently lost 50 pounds! Yes, I know this is a huge deal and most people would be screaming from the rooftop while wearing a super-cute outfit showcasing their new figure. But for me, this is not the case.

Losing weight feels amazing and is a huge accomplishment, no matter how much weight is lost. But what people rarely talk about is the confusion we can sometimes feel with our new bodies. For me, it’s been a roller coaster ride. I went from what I thought would be a “forever size 22” to a size 12. I was the queen of covering up and wearing baggy clothing. I love what I see in the mirror now, but I don’t know how to dress my new shape.

I want to look strong, feminine, and sexy. I work in a corporate setting but time spent at work is not the bulk of my life. I’m also single and want to get out there and play the field again!  Please help me.

With love,

Fully Fabulous

Dear Fully Fabulous,

What a courageous woman you are! I love your self-awareness and transparency about this very real issue. First, take the time to congratulate yourself on a job well done. Losing five pounds can be a struggle, and you lost 50! Let that accomplishment sink in, take time to look at yourself in the mirror, and simply smile. Congratulations, my friend!

Anytime your body goes through a physical change, the mind can get stuck in “what was” rather than “what is.” It’s normal. They key to overcoming this is to keep reminding yourself of what is. One thing to do to stay in the present is get rid of everything you wore when you were a size 22, 20, and even a 14. Get rid of the past so you have no choice but to walk toward the future. 

This will help you become more accepting of your new body and learn which silhouettes and styles work best for you.  It takes practice and time, but it’s a fun and enjoyable journey. Embrace your new body and your sexy curves! Here’s a stylish prescription that will take the new you straight from the office to happy hour.


The Fashion Doctor

TREND = Mock Turtleneck 

COLOR = Vivid Red to Deep Burgundy

MUST-HAVE ITEM = Anything Embroidered 



Ellen Tracy Mock Neck Sheath Dress – $140,

This is the ideal dress for a day to night transition. The three-quarter length sleeves are perfect for the office yet so chic for a dinner date. This frock will be sure to accentuate your small waist and conceal the most common problem areas.



Aquazzura Karlie Embroidered Suede Pump – $825;

Nothing helps perk up a frock like a strappy, embroidered heel! This block heel is perfect for a comfortable daytime look, and can easily transition to nighttime.




Kate Spade Mackenzie – $425,

As the weather gets cooler, pair this frock with these knee-high leather boots for a warm and mod look. The heel is the perfect height for daytime cruising or nighttime boogying!



Kate Spade Pine Grove Way Luxe Alexya Bag – $478,

Be bold! A handbag can make or break a look. This mid-size, color-blocked satchel with leopard detail is the perfect statement bag for all your fall looks.



Ellen Tracy Wrap Coat with Fur Collar – $680,

This timeless wool coat with a statement fur collar will not only keep you warm as the seasons change, but it also flatters every size and shape.



Stephanie Kantis Shore 24k Gold Plated Earrings – $125,

Have fun with your jewels! Add this rectangular black onyx piece to the look to play into the overall mod vibe. Jewels should be fun, interesting, and rare.



Stephanie Kantis Striped 42in. Charcoal Plated Necklace; $495,

The question at one time was earrings or a necklace? Not anymore! A woman does not have to choose between water or air, so why should she have to choose only one accessory to wear? This simple chain adds a bit of movement and flare to any look.



ZanZan Erzulie Cat Eye Acetate Sunglasses – $385,

Who said that “matchy-matchy” is not cool? This season, it’s all about the match. Be daring! Add a bit of old Hollywood glamour to your look with these red, oversize cat eye frames.

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