Fashion Insiders on Creating Your Own Essence of Style

Forget sizzling trends, they come and go. Play a bit with one or two, but never make it a pattern. Tapping into your personal style is a must. It is an asset you shouldn’t be without. By creating an authentic sense of style, you create an unstoppable and natural savoir faire.

Enjoy inspiring and insightful ideas for doing just that from some very special women in the fashion industry—award-winning designers, a stunning supermodel, and a very talented jewelry designer. Their inside views on creating an authentic look and embracing one’s inner beauty is sure to get you thinking about how to discover your own style with creativity and flair.

 Photo credit: Gladys Magazine and Photographer Fadil Berisha


With her beautiful grounded spirit and natural way of being, Kim Alexis is simply the epitome of inner and outer beauty. Alexis began her modeling career after being discovered at 17 years old, and went on to become one of the world’s most photographed supermodels. She has graced more than 500 magazine covers worldwide, from Vogue, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan, as well as six Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions. She has also transitioned into TV hosting, broadcasting, and inspirational speaking and writing.

What message do you feel is most important today for women of all ages in regard to tapping into their confidence and unique fashion style?

We all have good traits and bad ones, so focus on the good traits you have (and give yourself a break!). I look back to my Sports Illustrated days and remember feeling like I could lose weight back then. Now, I wish I were that thin! Being different than others is a wonderful way to express yourself.


Sue Wong’s passion for design began at the ripe age of 9, when she designed her first blouse from lace and fabric. The creation was made on her mother’s Singer sewing machine, and from that moment on, she was also creating her destiny. Her passion for creativity and artistic endeavors has blossomed into one of the most successful brand names in the fashion industry today.

Your love of fashion began at an early age and continued into high school, where you created your own dress designs. When did you first discover your desire for fashion design? 
I was born an artist, and my success is my own—I am completely self-made. Through the pure impetus of the will, I epitomized the great American success story by becoming a huge success by the time I was 25 years old. I have merely used fashion as a creative medium for my professional creative and artistic modality of expression. However, I am equally well-versed in designing environments, interiors, furniture, architectural spaces, and homes, as well as landscapes and garden designs.

How can people tap into their own creative side?
Creativity is something that emanates deeply from within the soul—and all creations are mirrors of the soul.


Whenever I see vibrant colors of blues and greens, I think of the very talented New York jewelry designer Mina Deutsch. After spending 20+ years in the Diamond District, Deutsch followed her heart’s desire and pursued her dream as a jewelry designer.

What are the three key pieces of jewelry everyone should have?
It’s hard to pick just three key pieces, since I love jewelry, but I would have to say these would be my picks: a classic metal watch—gold or silver whatever your preference… something classic that’s appropriate day or night; a great statement necklace that can be worn day to night and in a color that coordinates with your wardrobe palette; and a great pair of earrings that can show off a great up-do, a short hairdo, or just lift you up and give you that feminine feeling.

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