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Exploring Street Style

| July 1, 2015 | Reply

Growing up my mother always made it perfectly clear that I should never talk to strangers. This included not stopping on the street to talk to sales people, even if the free massage they were offering seemed rather tempting. Still to this day, I always only smile and keep on walking whenever I pass people trying to make sales on the street. I never give them even a slight second to give me their pitch. That’s why when I was asked to go around the city looking for street style I knew I would possibly encounter some difficulties. If someone came up to me saying they loved my outfit I would probably say thanks and continue on my way. Having this in mind, I was rather nervous to approach individuals on the street. I had never been on the other side of the awkward street interactions. My task was to capture both women and men with street style. Finding the style was the easy part, but getting individuals to give us their consent and handles was a different story.

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Last Tuesday we decided to explore Union Square in hopes of finding a diverse crowd, with a variety of different fashion senses. It was a scorching hot day, and the overpowering scents of week old trash and hot dogs was not exactly giving us the best backdrop for a fashion shoot. We ended leaving that location and headed back to the area surrounding the BELLA office where we found better luck. The hype of tourists and individuals on their lunch break offered us a much better energy that we needed to find the best street style possible.

I was nervous going up to the first person, but I knew that I needed to introduce myself. I absolutely loved her outfit. She was rocking a black military style hat, and some short black boots. She tied it all together with a pair of oversized brown sunglasses and a simple grey t-shirt and jean combo. Despite my nerves, I went up to the individual and she was more than thrilled to help me out. I ended up getting a few shots of her outfit and even her handles. This experience definitely made me think twice about giving individuals on the street a little more time because they are just doing their job like myself. Finding street style was one of my favorite days so far at BELLA and I look forward to doing it again in the future!


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Hello BELLA readers, I am one of the summer 2015 BELLA interns. My name is Lily Jewell and I’m 20 years old. I currently study English and Sociology at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. I’m originally from Massachusetts but I will be spending the summer in New York City to be an Intern for BELLA and look forward to a new adventure everyday!

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