Entertainment Success From The East To The West


NYC or LA, which one is better depends on who you talk to. They are both centers for the entertainment industry, from music to late night talk shows. They both have a very large hand in the movie industry as well. The weather is quite different in both. A person’s preference between the East and West Coast just may have to do a little with the weather. The truth, both New York City and Los Angeles are amazing places with beautiful people who love to entertain and make the entertainment business possible. Here is a little more about the two coasts to help you choose which one to visit first if you have never been.

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Flying Between the Two Cities

JFK and LAX are the two main airports for the two cities. Although JFK in New York City gets oodles of action from all over the world, LAX is probably a little busier. LAX is in the top ten for the most travelers per year. There are also two other major airports very close to JFK that help take the pressure off of JFK, as many people like to visit NYC. LaGuardia and Newark are the other major New York City airports. California also has other airports, such as Orange County, Long Beach, and Burbank. If you need to fly to either Los Angeles or New York City, there are plenty of airports to get you between the two great cities. The airports make it easy for talent to fly from a movie set to a talk show in one day if need be.

Communication Between LA and NYC

It is no secret that the entertainment business from movies to television is connected between NYC and LA. Most people in both cities communicate and work with each other. Actors and actresses fly back and forth fulfilling their talent contracts wherever the money is. Sometimes money has to be sent between the two cities and can easily be done via Ria Money Transfer. There are other ways to send money, but a money transfer can be a little more private. Privacy is becoming more and more a luxury these days with Internet exposure. So make sure you send money in a trusted way.

Two Different Atmospheres

If you like the beach, temperate weather, very little snow, and sunshine most of the time, then LA is probably your favorite. If you like the blues, preppies, classic style, old money, cold weather, original broadway, and the start of America, then NYC will tickle your fancy. Each city is wonderful and amazing. No matter which city you like better, you can visit the other and have a wonderful time. There are things to learn and enjoy in both LA and NYC. The humidity of the East Coast clears the air of the NYC traffic. You can escape the hustle of LA and hit the surfing paradise up and down the Pacific coast. You have to visit both NYC and LA to take in how wonderful both locals are.

NYC and LA Shopping

Did someone say shopping? Whether you are in LA or NYC, it is all about the way you look. You cannot find better fashion than either one of these wonderful top shopping havens. Fashion week in NYC attracts some of the most famous people in the world. LA simply attracts great looking people from all over the world who are famous. Shopping in either LA or NYC will make your head spin and your whole being look wonderful. From Beverly Hills to 5th Avenue, Soho and beyond, you can find so many amazing fashion trends to choose from.

There is so much money between LA and NYC thanks to the entertainment business and all the people who invest in the industry. The famous and the rich people of the entertainment business have built these two cities up through the years through hard work and amazing creativity, talent, and lots of money. It does not matter which city you think is better. The truth is NYC and LA are amazing cities, full of amazing people, who will continue to make us laugh, cry, think and learn. You must visit both in your life and enjoy.


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