Labor Day Weekend may have come and gone, taking summer with it, but that’s no reason not to keep the party going until the cooler weather finally swoops in. One fun way to do that is with Rosa Regale, a light, semi-dry, sparkling red wine.

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Owned by Banfi Vitners, this rare Brachetto wine bursts forth with lovely fruit flavors, combining the best traits of a red wine with the best attributes of a sparkling wine. The unique wine originates from Piedmont, Italy, and has long garnered the title of leader of red sparkling Italian wines in the U.S. Crafted from 100% Brachetto grapes, grown exclusively at the La Rosa Vineyard, the sparkling wine’s sweet, lingering taste of raspberries and strawberries is perfect for those last remaining sunny days. As refreshing as it is delicious, this would make a wonderful wine to pair with dessert, or even enjoy in a cocktail!

Not only does Rosa Regale come in standard sized bottles, but they also have cute and fun mini-bottles, that make for a great gift or picnic accompaniment. So enjoy what’s left of this gorgeous weather and indulge with some Rosa Regale!

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