Ella Anderson is Stealing the Show in Hollywood

Entering the world of Hollywood at a young age seems like it would be both a dream that most would never have the opportunity to pursue. Twelve-year-old star, Ella Anderson, has navigated the acting world with ease. The Michigan native has wanted to act for as long as she can remember—she is one of the few that actually made it happened.

Ella landed her first role as the co-star of Kurt Russell and Melanie Lynskey in the film ‘Touchback’. Anderson’s mom had been looking for roles that catered to her older twin brothers at the time, but Ella was discovered by a Detroit casting director instead.

That breakout opportunity is what Anderson credits to fueling her passion for acting. Roles followed in films such as ‘The Giant Mechanical Man’, ‘Glass Castle’, ‘Unfinished Business’ and ‘The Boss’. Anderson has had the pleasure of working with big box names including Kristin Wiig, Vince Vaughn, Melissa McCarthy and Oscar Winner, Brie Larson.

Anderson is continually growing in her career. In 2016 she was a Kids Choice Award recipient for her role as Piper Hart in Disney’s Henry Danger. The show is now entering into the 4th season. Despite her long-running stance with the show, Anderson still marvels at its success.

“It has been so cool to be a part of a show that has been on the air for so long. My dream [is] to be able to tell stories that people can relate to. I feel really blessed that I can actually [do that] every day on set.”

Being a full time actress, doesn’t mean that she can put real life on hold. Anderson still has to squeeze school into her busy schedule. She is currently in the 7th grade and takes lessons from her studio teacher while she is on set. The entire cast and crew have become a major source of support that keep her on track.

Anderson notes being close with her family as being important, and she cherishes the time that she is able to spend with them at the end of a long day. “I go home and have dinner with [everyone] and then I do things to wind down—watching a TV show, playing video games with my brothers or paint. I love to paint.”

Anderson hopes that her acting career will continue to advance both in TV and film. She also hopes to spend time traveling the world. Ella Anderson has an incredible team encouraging her. We can’t wait to see what’s up next for Miss Anderson.

Contributed by Sydney Ford

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