It’s Electric!: How to Tune into the Neon Trend

Shine as bright as the sun this summer by diving in head first to the neon makeup trend. Seen on eyes and lips, this trend has lit up Instagram, and it’s hard to look away!

Neon not only refers to the electric shades used, but mostly to the application technique and placement of colors. It is a true art form, designed to replicate the illuminated tubular signs popularized by Georges Claude at the Paris Motor Show in 1910. Since then, these eye-catching lights have been used in lounges and storefronts everywhere.

What you need:

Grab a mirror, two lip shades (one neon and one a bit darker), and a white pigment to give this trend a try. (It’s easier than you think!)

Step 1: Use your brightest colored lip liner or matte lipstick to line and fill in the lips, creating a base shade.

Step 2: Diffuse the color outside the natural lip line with a blending eyeshadow brush. Only soften and diffuse the perimeter to keep the pigment strong on the rest of the lip.

Step 3: Tap the darker shade in the center of the lip and ombre into your base shade.

Step 4: With an opaque white pigment, trace your lip’s natural shape. I like to use a fine eyeliner brush to keep these lines clean and defined. Be sure not to make the line too thick. You want a 

significant amount of your base shade to show above and below this white line. 

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