Sasha Gates stars on E!’s reality show WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends of Sports Stars) and is married to San Diego Chargers tight end and 5-time All ProPlayer Antonio Gates. As her viewers see on E!, she manages to successfully juggle motherhood, her marriage, and a music career while also staying in AMAZING shape. I had the opportunity to sit down with Gates and she shared tips on how to pursue ALL your dreams…and she also explained why everyone needs their own personal version of her “Sasha Day”.

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Photo Credit: Gail Bowman

Congrats on your new single, “Oh Yeah, My Hitta” and also your album that’s coming out soon! When did you first get into music?  Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Sasha Gates: I have always loved music. My father is an incredible musician, so growing up there was always music playing in my house. I always say, even if I couldn’t sing I still would! I don’t have one artist in particular who influences me, I am influenced by all kinds of music from reggae to pop, I am inspired by a variety of sounds and instruments. Check out my new single, “Oh Yeah, My Hitta” on iTunes!

What were your go-to workouts for shedding the baby weight? What’s a typical work out regimen for you now? 

Sasha Gates: The key is cardio, but sometimes it can be tough and tedious. I love hiking, its fun, it keeps me engaged and I get a great workout!

How do you balance your music career with being a mom? Do you have tips for the BELLA readers on how to manage pursuing your dreams while also being a good mom and wife?

Sasha Gates: I try not to get in my own head too much, I just take a big leap of faith and have confidence that I will find a way to make all of this work. Being a mother and wife always comes first, that is my priority but once I was able to get on a routine I found time to weave in my music. It was important to me to also not loose myself, music is really my creative outlet and I cherish that time. Sometimes you have to take it slow, but don’t ever give up on what you love. I have one day, Saturday, that is Sasha Day. I get everyone ready in the morning and then I have my day, whether that is being in the studio, getting my hair done or going for a long walk, it is a day for me. That would be my advice, make sure you still find time for yourself, even if it is 20 minutes or an hour a day, find that time.

Photo Credit: Gail Bowman


Do you think it takes a certain kind of woman to date a professional athlete and be a WAG? If so, what similar characteristics and personalities traits do you think you might share?

Sasha Gates: It is definitely tough, this is a career that requires a lot of travel and time away from home. That is the hardest part. But it makes it all the more special when we do have time together as a family. You need a whole lot of patience and determination to make it work! I think that those are characteristics that Antonio and I share, we are very patient and determined.

 I watched an interview where you shared that you weren’t into football before you started dating your now husband, Antonio Gates.  Do you think that made it easier to get to know him when you first met so that you didn’t just associate him with watching him playing football?

Sasha Gates:  Of course! It is always better going into a situation without any preconceived expectations. I never would have thought we would be here all these years later but I am so happy we are!

Tell us more about the Dolling Foundation. How did you get involved in the charity? It sounds like such an amazing cause. 

Sasha Gates: My good friend, Brittey Hinds, and I founded the Dolling Foundation, which provides high quality wigs to women suffering hair loss from catastrophic illness. We hope to inspire women and enhance their natural beauty that was compromised by tragedy. If I can help put a smile on a woman’s face during a dark time, then my mission is complete.

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